Monday, March 07, 2005

Irene and I have sold our country club residence and settled down to a smaller home for 55 and older folks... We will me moving in on March 10th weather permitting.
I will be shutting down the computer for a while... we have 45 years of junk to sort out... I guess many of you have gone thru this before... with luck and shopping around, I would like to get some updated computer furniture and start looking at and copying loads of my 35mm color slides etc. Then get rid of the photo albums and go to the CD's or whatever.
Our new address is 562 Becca Way. Monroe Twp, NJ 08813.
Phone number is 609-409-7090.
I will be back on the circuit and once again look foward & enjoy your messages etc.

Irene & George Klimcsak

Ed note: for those looking to copy slides, there is a new device available at a resonable price.
It's called the OpticFilm 7200 by Plustek. It scans at 7200 dpi and runs about $199.
Another pricier option is the Epson Perfection 2580 Photo, if you need a flatbed scanner as well.