Thursday, March 10, 2005

here is a story for the page . I thought of Pete after seeing his picture in the collection you just posted. I wonder if you could include the picture?

Ed. Note: Yes...that's Pete on the left (Joe Eagan on the right)...

Once again the pictures in the Ethier collection open the floodgates of my reverie. I see the picture of the gregarious Pete Prescott standing with the irrepressible Joe Egan.
I must relate this story about Pete if only to warm your hearts for having known and worked with the man.
We were at Daytona for a car race and while we were setting the equipment about the stands and in the center infield, we noticed a group of young boys cleaning and picking up debris about the place. As it turns out a sub-contractor that does this job brings these children in from a home somewhere in Pennsylvania and all they get is a place to bed-down and some sparse vittles to just barely sustain them.
Pete, Herman Lang and myself found where there were lodged, it was in a small room and they were stacked three high in their bunks. The place was smelly and dirty. They needed just about everything, clothes food and a place to wash their clothes. I went to our crew and asked for some cash, as always they came across. Pete and I went to Sears and purchased some necessities, but while we were there Pete says, Why dont we buy a Washing machine and it could be kept at the track so that these children could wash their clothes each night.
I told Pete I dont want to go and make another collection from the guys. Pete just reached in his pockets and came up with the money for the machine. We brought it back and hooked it up and that made all of us feel really good.
Pete is one of those CBSers that always comes through. I am sure there are lots of you out there that know how generous a man Pete is.
That is one of the nice reasons that we have this page, we get to relive some great memories of very fine people.

Tony Cucurullo