Thursday, February 03, 2005

I am the TV historian at Game Show Network and currently researching a book on the network TV announcers. Sometimes I get a tape of a show whose announcer's voice I don't recognize. Such is the case is the 1964-65 CBS variety show "The Entertainers". (The show starred Carol Burnett, John Davidson, Caterina Valente and Dom DeLuise.
I need the help of the great talents and knowledge of your group in identifying this voice.
I can supply either a videotape or DVD of the show opening and close that showcase the off camera announcer.

Many thanks,
David Schwartz

I can be reached at or 310-244-8692

Also, below is a photo I thought you might like to add to your collection.
I believe it is a shot from the control room of CBS Studio 72 (West 81st and Broadway) circa 1957: