Friday, February 25, 2005

Hi my name is Donna Robbins.

I am Ken Nunan's youngest child. My dad wanted to have this letter posted on your website, in hopes that he could start corresponding with his old friends. Thank you!
Ken Nunan would like to thank Charlie D'Onofrio, Bill Naeder, Jay Chichon, Bob Wilson and Royce Fish for their birthday greetings and well wishes while he celebrated his 90th birthday. Ken remembers all of you fondly and shared some stories about each of you with his children. He would love to hear from anyone and everyone that was around CBS when he was there (1950-1971). Ken does not have a computer but would enjoy talking to you on the phone or through a letter. Ken is legally blind but does use a machine to read his mail. Please send your phone numbers and addresses to his youngest daughters email address: While Ken visited his daughter recently, they went on the CBS retirees website. Although he couldn't see the pictures clearly, the names brought back a flood of memories.
He can't wait to hear from all of his old friends.