Sunday, February 27, 2005


FYI, I worked with your Grandfather on some shows in the early 50's. I believe he was a good friend of our audio man on the STUDIO ONE CREW, Joe Calvanico, and worked vacation relief on our crew. As with most techs back then we all worked with one another and had nodding acquaintances. I liked him as a person and a co-worker.
I assume you have access to the CBS retirees website. At the bottom of the home page is pico search. Type Ken Nunan. Hit SEARCH. You will see a list of references that include Ken's name. Hit # 3 (John Pumo) collection. Image # 9 is a group picture of a crew with Robert Kennedy. Your Grandfather is one of the group.
Current messages and photo gallery will yield names familiar to read to Ken. I love it when children and grand children seek info into their still living loved one. Many more birthdays, Ken. You have a wonderful grand daughter.

E-mail if you require further help. As I indicated, current messages gives an oral history of what it was like to make History.

Frank Novack