Thursday, February 17, 2005 my own little corner", Julie Andrews sang.

In that little corner, the set was just big enough to accomodate Julie, a cameraman (Dick Douglas), a boom operator (Jim Gracom) and a boom pusher (lucky me). Lou Tedesco was the Technical Director and Bob Miller was the audio engineer. Ralph Nelson was the director. I will leave it to the rest of the technical crew to indicate their participation as my recollections dim. Mr. Rogers and Mr. Hammerstein were at the rehearsals and air and presented cast and crew with a cast album (78rpm) of the show which we had successfully concluded LIVE. I thank Dave Paine, an old buddy, for the info concerning the show. Dave opened a French restaurant in Manhattan but as far as I know, didn"t give up his day job as one of T.D. Bob Daley's favorite cameramen.

Frank Novack