Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Hi Dave,

I guess I agree with Harold Deppe about the content of our CBS Retiree"s Website. Here's my contribution on how I'm spending my retirement.
I never played golf before retiring in 1995. As soon as I retired in 1995 I moved to Florida. The house we bought here is located on a small lake and I thought I would spend most of my free time fishing. I still fish but most of my leisure time is now taken up with playing golf. I play 3 or 4 times a week. I'm not a really good golfer ( Handicap is 25 ) but I do enjoy the game for its exercise and the meeting of other golfers. Like everyone else I have some health issues but I think playing golf has really helped me to stay relatively healthy. I can brag about a couple of accomplishments since I started playing. Two years ago I took 1st place in my Flight at our Club Championship. Three years ago I had a hole-in-one. That was really exciting and its a good thing that I had "Insurance" for this occurrence because the subsequent drinking party went on for several hours. I enjoy the game so much that I joined with a group of our golf club members to purchase our golf course from our developer. It's a risky venture but we think we can really make it work for us. Let's hear from some others on what they're doing with their retirement time.

Jim Herschel