Thursday, January 20, 2005


I just watched the inauguration with great interest, not just because of it's historical significance which by the way was very powerful, but by my own personal memories. The year was 1985 - the inauguration of Ronald Reagan. I, along with many stalwart technicians from NY and Washington, participated in the coldest ceremony in history----so cold that it was held in the rotunda. The temperature was below zero, combined with wind chill it was bitter cold. The clerks in the hotel were fully dressed in winter coats and apologizing for the cold rooms. The only thing that made it go fast for me was getting a flight to San Francisco the next day and then on to Kona, Hawaii, a total temperature swing of 100 + degrees. There were many memories of that event, among them was walking the roof of the capitol building on catwalks doing a survey with the E.I.C. - the late great JOE TIER. Techs were cautioned not to touch anything metal without gloves and dress in many layers. It was a memorable day, they all held up great!

Bob Vernum