Monday, January 24, 2005


Here I go again! The passing of Johnny Carson brought forth many stories of his beginnings -- however one very important one was omitted. When I was hired by CBS back in 1954, my first assignment was "The Morning Show with Jack Paar!" The broadcast originated in Grand Central studio 41. Jack took a short vacation, thus requiring a vacation relief host. His replacement was an unknown from the midwest -- Johnny Carson! Johnny often described his routine to us, such as using the underground passageways between the hotel and the lower level of Grand Central and the elevator up to the CBS studios. His comment was that he never saw daylight while in NY. He was very shy and yet very friendly -- a truly nice guy! I do believe this was his first stint on network television. Please correct me if I am in error. If anyone has any more info on his stint please let me know. The crew, as best as I can remember, was Stan Greene, Allan Scott, Jay Saffron, Bob Jaegel and others, the names of whom, I regret, I can't remember.

Bob Vernum