Friday, December 30, 2005

Subject: Julius McLaughlin

Hi again Group:

I have some additional sad news to send to you. Some of you already know, but Julius McLaughlin passed away on Monday, December 26th. I discovered this when I saw an email from one of his relatives posted down near the cafeteria. Rich Brender also called me with the news.There will be a short wake for him on Friday, December 30th at 9:30AM, followed by a funeral service at 10:30AM at The Riverside Church in Manhattan. The family has requested donations to the American Cancer Society, in lieu of flowers.I'm sure those of you who personally know Julius will remember his genial good nature and his dedication to CBS.I don't think anyone ever heard a harsh word from Julius and I can't imagine that anyone would have anything but kind thoughts about a true gentleman and wonderful technician.Julius was one of the original WCBS Newsradio technicians (as was yours truly) who migrated over to TV when local radio was down-sizing it's technical staff, in the late 70's. He often joined us at our "audio de-briefing" dinners, and we will miss him very much. May he rest in peace.

73 de Ray Sills

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Greetings.You may be interested in my web page, "Very Old Pictures from KRLD Radio and TV", located at Some of the pictures show the arrival of the first videotape machine at KRLD-TV (now KDFW) in Dallas. Also shown are Chief Engineer Bill Honeycutt and a few other "old timers." Until ten years ago, KDFW was a CBS-TV affiliate, of course, you guys must have many of our people while working the Cowboys games. I worked on only one game, perhaps 1983, and remember looking over the shoulder of a guy named Bruno Fucci, who could type really fast, as I recall. Anyway, please drop by and have a look at the old photos. And have a great week!
Andrew K. Dart
What is everyone doing about enrolling in Medicare part D. ? I havent got a clue...... any suggestions? They would be much appreciated....
Lee Levy

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hi Dave,

I want to thank you for the use of some of the photos on your site. Someone had asked about this studio a while back on an Elvis newsgroup which got me digging. There was some misinformation out there about it and Elvis' appearances in it so I thought it worthy of a page on Scotty's site, especially since the Anniversary is coming up next month. If any of your members know of any more detail or errors please let me know. I've credited and linked the CBS retirees site on the page. Check it out if it's of interest at Scotty Moore.

Thanks and a happy holiday season to you all.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sad News
I'm sorry to report that "Mac" McKelvey passed away yesterday. He is being waked at Francioni Taylor & Lopez Inc Funeral Home, 1200 10th Avenue, Neptune, NJ 07753 Tomorrow is the only day for visiting, 2-4pm and 7-9pm. Call 732-775-0028 for directions .

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

From: Tony Cucurullo
To: David Minott
Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2005 12:28 PM
Subject: tonk

Another request . Is there anyone that could email the rules about how to play that venerable ole' game that entertained all of us at CBS?
The name of the game is "Tonk." When I think of some of the players of the past I am amused with the images of say, George (Grease'em-up) Burian, along with Mike Dietz, and Vic Milano, Bruno Fucci and most of the Tape Techs.
The game was so popular as I can recall, that I was on an airline flight and the flight attendants were playing it. They were surprised when I told them that the game originated at CBS.
So, I would appreciate it if someone can remember the rules of play. This is to help an old man share some time with a few friends here in Virginia, the place where, "Not even Viagra can help."
Send the info to:
Fraternally yours,
Tony Cucurullo

Ed. Note:
The information Tony is looking for can be found here:
How to play Tonk
Our hats are off to Stanley Faer! Check out this link. Click here___>2005 Schaffner DGA Award
I was just informed that "Mac" McKelvey suffered a heart attack yesterday at his home in New Jersey. He is resting comfortably in the hospital. His wife Marilyn can be contacted at 732-774-6170

Monday, December 12, 2005

The airline's loss was CBS' gain. Bruno was a true character in the finest meaning of the word and always brought a smile to my face when our paths crossed. His philosophies on any subject were unique but of utmost importance he was a damn good technician. Bruno, I hardly knew ye, but what I do know is that you provided pleasant memories of the CBS experience.
By the way , does anyone know what happened to Kenny Caughey ( the mighty Casey) ?
Let the memories of good times roll!
Frank Novack

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Thursday, December 08, 2005


I found your website to be very entertaining and informative. I'm wondering if you might be able to direct me to any of your particpants (retirees) that could answer some technical information about CBS TV Studio 50 (the Ed Sullivan theater) from the time frame when Elvis recorded there from January in '56 to January of '57. I run the website for his guitartist of the time, Scotty Moore at and am plannning a page on the history of that studio and their appearance in it. If possible I would like to know the number, type and positions of the cameras and broadcast/recording equipment, location of the control room or any technical recollections of anyone involved with the Dorsey Bros. Stageshow and Elvis' final appearance on the Ed Sullivan show.

Thank You,
James V. Roy

Thanks Dave,

I definitely will give your site credit and a link for any info and pix. I've seen a few already and was going to ask about them. A few more questions to post: I'm also wonderering about Studio 51, the Maxine Elliot Theater. I'm told that Ed Sullivan's "Toast of the Town" began there prior to its moving to Studio 50. In fact, it's said that Elvis' second appearance on the Ed Sullivan show was from there. Would you happen to know when the move was made to Studio 50 and if once at Studio 50, they ever broadcast the show again from 51 prior to its going dark in 1956?
Thanks again,

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I just received this in an e-mail, and will post more information as it becomes available:

My dear father has passed away.
Joseph H. Marotta.
cbs new york.
555 west 57th st.
cbs broadcast group.
This is his son.
Joey Marotta II.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Steven Roy Laxton passed away the afternoon of Friday December 2nd, 2005 after suffering a heart attack several days earlier. In 1988 Steve was selected by NBC to be a Technical Director for the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Since that point Steve's career in television sports took off, and he became one of the industry's premier Technical Directors. He worked on a freelance basis for all the networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and HBO. He also worked as a consultant on product development for several major broadcasts manufactures Abekas, Phillips, and Sony. Steve was known around the world as a leading expert in a very competitive and demanding field.
Condolences and kind remembrances can be sent to the family at Steves e-mail address
A college scholarship fund is being set up for Megan and Brittany. Checks can be mailed Laxton Family Scholarship Fund, 2550 Breaux Trace, Seabrook, TX 77586.
A small tribute is schedule for 1:00pm on Saturday, December 10th at the Laxton Family home at 2550 Beaux Trace, Seabrook, TX 77586.

For those who knew him:
From: Ebersol, Dick (NBC Universal)
Sent: Friday, December 02, 2005 9:50 PM

It deeply saddens me to tell you that our good friend and extraordinarily talented Olympic Technical Director, Steve Laxton died this afternoon in Texas. He never recovered from a very serious heart attack several days ago.
From Atlanta to Sydney to Salt Lake to Athens, he was our pilot for every prime time Olympic telecast. No one in our entire Olympic family had the batting average under pressure that Steve Laxton had for all of us. He was always prepared...he was unfailingly generous...he was an extraordinarily warm and gentleman...he was our good friend. His combination of talent and humanity cannot be replaced. He will be sorely missed.
God speed the soul of Steve Laxton.
Dick Ebersol

Submitted by Gayle DePoli

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Monday, November 28, 2005

NY Traffic Reporting Goes Hi-Def
Michael Starr

Big news for WNYW, which is now the first local station to acquire a high-definition-equipped news helicopter. The station's new SKYFOX helicopter, an American Eurocopter ASTAR B2, which will transport WNYW's airborne reporter, Kai Simonsen, features high-def capabilities including a Cineflex HiDef HD camera system and multiple band microwave capabilities. This will allow SKYFOX to broadcast a picture with detail up to three times that of standard broadcast resolution.
The HD technology is the same used by the LAPD helicopters in shooting those high-speed chases that seem to occur every day in L.A.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

And now for something different! Click on the "Humor" button from the Home Page,
and check out our first "Audio Post!"


Monday, November 14, 2005

Digital TV Switch Nears a Date

Senate picks 2009, House voted for sooner transition, but a decision may occur soon.

Grant Gross, IDG News Service
Monday, November 07, 2005

WASHINGTON -- The Senate has voted to set April 7, 2009, as the deadline for U.S. television stations to switch to digital broadcasts and free up analog radio spectrum for wireless broadband and public-safety uses.
The Senate approved the digital-television (DTV) transition deadline late last week as part of a large budget package aimed at reducing the federal deficit. Auctioning off part of the freed-up spectrum is expected to raise $10 billion or more, with $5 billion going to the U.S. treasury in the Senate legislation.

Earlier Date Rejected

The Senate rejected an amendment by Senator John McCain, an Arizona Republican, to move the transition deadline up by a year. McCain argued that emergency response agencies need additional spectrum as quickly as possible. Emergency response agencies often cannot communicate with each other because of congested spectrum, McCain said.

"Here we are [for] our first responders, the brave men and women who put their lives on the line in defense of the lives of their fellow citizens who have already given their lives, who have performed so magnificently, who want to be able to talk to each other, who want the spectrum freed up," McCain said on the Senate floor. "And what do we do here in Congress? We delay it as long as possible. It is disgraceful conduct on our part."

Supporters of the 2009 date argue that an earlier deadline would rush spectrum auctions, potentially leading to lower bids. With lower bids, the auctions wouldn't meet the budget deficit reduction targets set by Congress.

In October, a House of Representatives committee set December 31, 2008, as the DTV transition deadline. Negotiators would have to iron out the differences in the two bills before a DTV deadline becomes law.

Friday, November 11, 2005

While a bit out of date, Bob Wilson is sure that many of our users will recognize the name.

Aug. 5, 2004

By Larry Hygh Jr.

PASADENA, Calif. (UMNS)With the pull of a rope and an introduction from actress Carol Burnett, studios 36 and 46 at CBS Television City were renamed the Charles Cappleman Studios.
Charles "Capp" Cappleman, 78, an active United Methodist layman at St. Pauls United Methodist Church in Tarzana, Calif., and executive vice president of West Coast operations and engineering, retired from CBS Television City after 50 years. He is credited with being the creative vision behind the new building at CBS Television City, completed in 1992, that houses studios 36 and 46, now the Charles Cappleman Studios.
My 50 years at Television City have been great fun and provided tremendous satisfaction in being a member of such a great organization,said Cappleman during the surprise retirement/birthday celebration attended by hundreds at CBS Television City.
I have no retirement plans, other than to continue with most of the volunteer jobs I have, Cappleman said. The Lord has always been good to me, and I am waiting to see what He has in mind for me.
Another "bunch" of pictures have been added to the L.I. Mini Luncheon album,
courtesy of Joe Strano. Click here___>L.I. Mini Luncheon

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Another successful Long Island Mini-Lunch has concluded,
and a good time was had by all! We even had a few old-timers attend whom we haven't seen in a while! Click here___>L.I. Mini-Lunch
Another fine Technician joins the ranks of our Retirees! Welcome Bob Myers.
Click here___>Bob Myers Retirement Party
A new picture has been added to the Page 10 collection, courtesy of Harry Charles.
Click here___>Page 10

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The year is 2005 and still the caissons roll, and the drums beat, and the pipes play the mournful dirge of sacrifice that the United States military imposes on our young men and women today.

From the last stroke of the quill that declared us a free, and indivisible nation. American blood has been shed for the cause of liberty, and justice for all.

The names on our honor roll are the names of the Men of CBS that have gone on before to represent those freedoms in combat and military service.
Let their sacrifice not be forgotten.

Our honor roll doesnt list the names of those that served the nation in a non-military capacity. We do honor them though, for their patriotic drive that kept the military and the nation strong and industrially superior.

Tony Cucurullo

CBS HONOR ROLL (in alphabetical order)

Baranello, John WW2
Bartilucci, Vincent Radio Op, B17 Memphis Belle Sqd. Dsc/Air Medal/Bronze Star
Brender, Rich Viet Nam
Buda, Paul WW2
Castrataro, Vinnie Korea, Navy WW2
Charles, Harry WW2
Cipolla, Anthony H WW2
Claudio, Chico WW2, Combat Photographer
Cohn, David A. WW 2
Consiglio, Al
Corrado, Dom Colonel
Cronkite, Walter WW2
Cucurullo, Tony WW2, Korea, UDT/Seals Assn
Dailey, Bob Combat Photographer 163rd Sig Photo Co., WW2
DeIeso, Mike WW2, Philippines
Delila, Tom Guadalcanal
DoNofrio, Charles WW2 1942 to 1946 China/Burma/India Theater of Operations
Douglas, Dick
Ethier, Scott Marines
Evans, Pierce WW2, (Battle of the Bulge)
Fabricatore, Al WW2
Fish, Royce WWII
Florio, Frank Capt. Bombardier, Pacific
Freed, Goody Korea
Fucci, Bruno US Navy 1942-1946 WW2
Gordon, Elliot Lt.
Greenwald, Milt Major
Gulino, Angelo 'Chic' WW2, Marines- Pacific
Haigood, Harry Capt. WW2
Herschel, James U.S. Army, post Korea
Katz, Jack WW 2, AAF, Tech. Sgt., Air Medal, 45 missions over Europe
Kaufman, Mike Sgt. (Video Tape) Air Force, Korea, 1952
Kaufman, Sid 1942-1946 U.S Signal Corps -42nd Rainbow Infantry Division
Klimcsak, George Navy LCI Landing Craft Infantry...Okinawa
Keeshan, Bob Sgt. (Capt. Kangaroo) Marines WW 2, Iwo Jima, Navy Cross
Korff, Art Lt. Col, Air Force (still active Langley, VA.)
Kozak, Al Navy WW2
Lang, Herman Capt. WW 2, Gen. Patton's 3rd Army
Lincoln, John WW2, Combat Photographer
Magee, George USN WW2, -- Korea
Marotta, Cal Marines, WW2, Bikini, Guam
Marth, Frank Navy
Mascek, Lou WW2, USAF -Bougainville
Mazzo, Al Viet Nam 1968-1971, Purple Heart/Bronze Star
McBride, Dennis "Patty" WW 2,Combal Photographer
McCaffery, Neil SGT. Viet Nam
McCarthy, Jim WW2, Europe
McQuiston, Jim Navy, WW2
Meyers, Sig Lt. Col. WW2, Combat Photographer, Philippines
Naeder, Bill 2nd.Inf. Div., Korea (14 months)
Naeder, George Battleship New Jersey, WW2
Ognibene, James Viet Nam
Paine, Dave Capt. Fighter Pilot WW2
Paley, William S. Colonel WW2, Office of Strategic Services
Parmelee, Dan M/Sgt, WW2, Grp. Com. Chief, 366th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force
Pasculli, Gene WW2
Perzeszty, Ted Army Korea
Polanski, Phil WW2 Silver Star
Quinlan, Larry 1 Marines Corp -S Solomons, & New Georgia, 3 MA Corp
Rineer, Jesse Major
Rooney, Andy LT. Correspondent WW2
Rose, Jim Vietnam
Smith, George WW2,
Sokota, Joe
Solomon, Marty
Steiger, Sy OSS, WW2
Strano, Joe Army Korea
Surphlis, Vernon China Burma, WW2
Sweeney, Bernie 2nd Cav, Vietnam
Thomas, Bob Viet Nam

If you would like to visit Pierce Evans' tribute, please click here___>Vet's Day

Bill Naeder here, I speak with Charlie Donofrio once a week and I was reading your notes to him. It brought back a lot of memories for him and he asked if I would send this short note as Charlie does not have a computer. He wanted to remind you of the days that you, Sandy Tirado and he worked together. He was so happy to hear about you. I will be glad to relay or if you want his phone # is 914-273-3097 Good luck,

Bill Naeder
Greetings Jay,

I also started in January but in 1951 as an unassigned AT. I was cableman on Studio One for the gentlemanly TD Dwight Temple. After several weeks, I was designated to be a boom pusher as a regular on the crew. I rushed out and bought a carton of ivory soap for lubricating the rubber boom wheels (minimize squeeks) and grease pencils to establish my turf from marauding cameramen arriving at scene on wrong lens. The proof was in the greasy floor!
Then came BOOM OPERATOR. I feel after some months of our association, Joe made a case for promotion to FULL TECH because I was offered a sound man opening by Orville Sather. I asked if it were possible to become a video man. It was and I did, replacing Bob Pierringer and still on the crew.
The last time a glow filled my space and the walls faded away was in high school when it was announced that the Cardinal Hayes H.S. BAND would represent Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium in their game with Army; The war (WW2 the big one) was on at the time. The entire class including our teacher just smiled and smiled and smiled. I got the same glow as you dicussed the familiar scene of the turntables to the side and back of Joe. He would teach me how to patch up for the show after setting up the boom and other needed mikes. What delightful chats we had and if I expressed concern over scratching a record, he would softly say "LAASHES ". You can do it.. May GOD bless him.
Well old friend, the walls have returned to their original position.The secret of the retirees group is that as we write and read we remember the little things and the BIG people and we smile, smile, smile.
Frank Novack
My name is Linda Savignano Brosnan- my dad is Ray Savignano. I just wanted to say thank you to all who came to say goodbye to my dad and to tell me all about him and his years at CBS. My dad truly loved his jobs there and he had some very wonderful memories. I was always very proud of him and I made sure everyone in school knew when I was growing up that my dad was a 'TV guy" at CBS.
Thank you for this site- I really enjoy looking at and learning a little more about the golden years at CBS.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I am trying to locate a good friend that I have lost track of. I worked with Sandy Tirado in the 60s and lost track when I moved out to the West Coast. Do you have him on your roster? He is in one picture in your album.
Thanks for any help,
Alan Case
Oceanside, CA

If anyone has any information, please forward to the Webmaster.
Yo Bill,

George and I and Cal Marotta were in the same lab group at RCA Institute and graduated together. I told them that CBS was going to do a major hiring. You know George, he went there immedately rather than gain experience by answering want ads posted on bulletin boards from stations in PODUNK, He told me that the girl took his application and due to the magic name of RCA put it on the top of the pile. She said they had hundreds of applications but it was just as easy to take the new ones coming to her desk, and so HISTORY was made. He worked nights at the Department of Sanitation and also utilized a radio broadcasting police signals and a film camera to supply news organizations with overnight stories. No sluggard was he. I was responsible for his adopting the IRISH SETTER who was a real wild thang. Erin, (the dog), was true to his instincts and was run over sadly enough, by a Sanitation TRUCK. George was so overcome by this tragedy that he refused to take pictures of it. He vowed to only live his life with his family nearby. Thus the NAEDER saga at CBS began. George begat Bill and Bill begat Bill Jr. and CBS begat some mighty fine technicians.
Charley, my friend, I certainly remember Joe D., you and I and the Spanish fly (ST) working in the best studio theater job that CBS offered. We were permanent video maintenance at what is now called the ED SULLIVAN theater. It was the site that I was first hired as a part time usher in 1948. Poetic justice! Why would anyone leave a position like that to work in an untried medium which probably will fail? I just have ONE word for this decision... I AM POLISH. How many words is that? And a one , and a two...Word 2 - George Gould. His vision gave us the TV production facilities that we see today. How many jobs he created!!
When Sid Kaufman took me back to build the plant at 2020 M St., I was at home. Joe Tier was like a brother and a wonderful man. But as fate would have it, Sid returned to NY. Joe followed a few years later. It was not CBS from the leadership perspective, but at least our paths crossed on remotes, at the Cape, sports, etc. I think of the stories and the characters - De Lilla, Classon, Bresson, McGrath , Pumo, and especially a decent human being and more than a decent video man and TD as I knew you.
Much more to fill in from your side. Perhaps, I will make it to one of the Retiree luncheons, if you are there.
Peace, Charley...
Pax Vobiscum to you, Bill
Frank Novack aka THE POLISH FALCON

Monday, November 07, 2005

Re: June 25 color demo
That is the day I went to work for CBS Radio and remember well being given a tour of the facilities, including studio 21.
It was there that a number of manufacturers had set up their prototype receivers. I do not recall lingering but do remember Frank Knight giving a spiel for LONGINES who was one of our sponsors. Remember the Longines Wittnauer Synphonette and Choraliers?
How time flies when you are having fun! And the pictures were super.

Harry Peterson
George Gould was the Technical Director of a crew that worked on the Studio One shows at the beginning of the fifties. He had an inventive mind especially the potential and electronic possibilities of this infant medium.
He came up with the idea of electronically matting in the actors to provide the outer space look. He did not provide the technical expertise, but would present the idea to technicians he respected at CBS. The finished products were primitive, but he had the faith to utilize them, perhaps envisioning the high quality computer graphics of today. This doesn't answer your inquiry about "Rod Brown Rocket Ranger", but provides some insight as to how George developed as a pioneer in our business.
In 1958, he purchased 2 brand new AMPEX 1000A videotape machines, 4 GPL cameras, sync generators ,et al, from CBS and ABC. He called his production facility "TELECOLOR PRODUCTIONS", needing only a technical crew, lighting director, stage hands, office staff, etc. He rented space at TIMES SQUARE. He utilized per diem workers and built a staff of full time employees. I was one (leaving CBS) to see where this new fangled VIDEOTAPE would lead. We learned together, laughed at our newness to each other and the challenges this new medium presented. It was a fun time, it was hard work time, it was a sad time when TELESTUDIOS closed its doors in 1965. During that time, George conceived the idea of the first TV COMMERCIAL remote shoot for Kelloggs. He hired Warren Smith and Joe Pytka to develop the optics for GEMINI, the mating of a 16 mm and TV camera to provide any reluctant agency rep who was comfortable in film an exact copy (well CLOSE) of the tape product. Lest we forget, not all stations had tape playback facilities. He used to say, "if we could only get 7% of the filmed commercial income we'll do fine!"
Just a small look at WHAT GEORGE HAS WROUGHT! Were we the first ROCKET RANGERS? He was a true genius. Unfortunately, he passed away some years ago, but recognition has been long due from his colleagues in TV .

Frank Novack

Sunday, November 06, 2005


My name is Jeff Berkwits, and I am a journalist researching an article on the Saturday morning TV program "Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers." This show was on CBS for one year, from April 1953 through May 1954, and starred Cliff Robertson. It was written and directed by George Gould, who, as I understand it, came from an engineering background (and earlier had worked on the show"Tom Corbett, Space Cadet"). Unfortunately, no kinescopes of "Rod Brown" are known to exist, and information on the show is rather sketchy. I was curious to know if you might be able to help me get in touch with any retired CBS personnel who may recall working on the program. I have already interviewed a few actors who appeared on the show (including Robertson), but have not been able to uncover anyone who has any real behind-the-scenes experiences or memories. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer, and I look forward to (hopefully) hearing from you soon. All the best,

Jeff Berkwits
scifiguy at

We worked together on many shows. If Joe Calvanico was nearby we loved to hear his laugh as we mimiced his fatherly advice . Faye Emerson was a LADY. We worked a color special out of 109 th st studio on closed circuit demonstrating the CBS color wheel cameras.I was a boom pusher on that show. Between the outside temperature and the abundance of lighting equipment it was extremely hot. LIFE magazine did a spread on the difficult conditions including the floor tiles buckling. I believe the temperature was measured at 105 degrees during the show. The makeup lady (Frannie) brought the talent and techs SEA BREEZE for our fevered brows. Faye had demonstrated a Pepsi Cola spot and immediately started bringing cold Pepsi as we were working on air. The date was June 25, 1951. How do I know? My oldest son was born that day.

Frank Novack
Dear Hal,

Glad to finally make contact today. The band today was pretty hard to get thru with another station right close to .255.
My beam got in trouble after the last wind storm. Poor thing couldn't handle 60+ MPH gusting. So I'm using my vertical (Butternut). It's old but it still gets out.
Attached is a picture of my wife Norma and I in the museum. I have a web site that shows the museum. It's at Harman Art Museum and my e-mail address is . My other job is with the sheriff's department. I've been with them since 1989. I hope to retire from it the end of next year.

Best wishes,
Dear Dave,

I have enjoyed the CBS Retirees Web page for years. Great job to all that put it together. My page was a lot of work to build but it has paid off on my museum attendance. The "Real Video Tour" was a good touch that I added.
I have only been back to the New York area 3 times in the last 23 years and was able to attend the CBS luncheons twice. The 3rd trip was to attend a wedding.
I've been trying to stay in touch by Ham Radio. I'm on a couple of nets, but the broadcast net is a little hard to make contact. I live on the west side of the divide with mountains about +13,000 ft. which blocks 20 meters plus next spring I'm going to raise my beam about 20 ft more and that might help.
Thanks for the e-mail addresses. I've sent out some e-mails and were sent back.

Best wishes to all,
Fred Harman NØJSP

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Re: Skitch Henderson

I worked with Skitch Henderson on a show called "Wonderful Town" in the early 1950's. The show was hosted by Faye Emerson who was married to Skitch at the time.
Skitch conducted the live orchestra. The show originated in Studio 42 at 15 Vanderbilt Ave. I did audio and Ben Russ was the TD. Harold Hoffman was on camera. I remember a real "Blooper" that occurred on the show. The sponsor of the program was PEPSI COLA and the commercials were done live from the studio. Faye Emerson walked up to a hotdog stand and orders a PEPSI. The vendor then begins to extol the virtues of Pepsi. At the end of his spiel he emotes "Ah yes, there's nothing better than a cold bottle of COCA COLA"! .....I could here a loud groan in the control room from the sponsor reps. It was live so it could not be bleeped out!... I remember Skitch as a real gentleman.
I wonder if anyone else remembers the show?
Jay Chichon

Friday, November 04, 2005

Skitch Henderson, the Grammy-winning conductor who became the first bandleader of "The Tonight Show," died Tuesday at 87. One of the most popular band leaders of his day, he worked with crooners Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby before founding the New York Pops. Henderson died at his home in New Milford, Conn., of natural causes, said Barbara Burnside, director of marketing and public relations at New Milford Hospital. Originally from England, Lyle Russell Cedric Henderson moved to the United States in the 1930s, making his living as a pianist, playing vaudeville and movie music in Minnesota and Montana roadhouses. As for the nickname "Skitch," in 1953 he told an interviewer for the Canadian publication "Saturday Night" that he had no recollection of where it came from. "I don't know how that name started, or when, but somewhere along the line I was tagged with it and it stuck," he said. "I think it fits me and it has a certain amount of distinctive publicity value. When I first signed up as a conductor for the NBC Symphony Orchestra, I debated whether to change it, because it might be too undignified, but I decided to keep it. It's pretty well accepted and it's easy to spell." In his teens, Henderson moved to Hollywood, where he worked as a pianist and musical arranger while attending UCLA. Before World War II, he worked with such big name bandleaders as Glen Gray, Tommy Dorsey and Artie Shaw. When the war started in Europe, he left Hollywood and joined the Canadian Air Force. And when the United States entered the war in 1941, he enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Force and piloted B-29s in the Pacific theater. After the war, Henderson toured with Sinatra as his musical director. He accompanied Sinatra to New York for the "Lucky Strike Show" and later worked with Crosby on "The Philco Hour," both on radio. In 1954, NBC hired him as the bandleader for Steve Allen's "Tonight," bringing him into American living rooms in the early days of television. Over the years, he worked with Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson. Henderson was soon in demand as a conductor for major orchestras throughout the United States and abroad. In 1955 he began sporting his now-famous Van Dyke beard. Always a devotee of serious music, in 1983 he founded and conducted the New York Pops Orchestra, a group of 70 musicians who played regularly with the New York Philharmonic. "I watch people like a hawk. If I see boredom, I worry," said Henderson. "There's perfunctory applause, there's light applause, and then there's real applause. When it's right, applause sounds like vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce."© 2005 Los Angeles Times
Well, I finally retired after almost 40 years at CBS. I guess I can be considered a dinosaur, not because I am getting older, but because these days not many people get to work at one company for that long. Like most of the CBS retirees, I got to see a lot ofchanges over the years, some good and some not so good. A wonderful career it was, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. My wife Marge and I retired on the same day. At this writing, I am in Oak Hill, Virginia, baby sitting our two wonderful Grandson's, as my Daughter-in-law went in for minor surgery on the first day of our retirement. The new "job" is a labor of Love. I plan to check into the HF CBS retirees nets, either from my home station on Long Island, or from my mobile station from anywhere we happen to be in our travels.
See you all at the next Luncheon.
Bob Myers, K2TV

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A new "seasonal" picture from a proud Grandpa has been added to our "Page 10" collection.
Click here___>Page 10

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Added Fred & Blanche Harman to the Page 10 collection. Click here___>Page 10

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I have added a new album titled "The Degan Collection", which comprises 30 pictures
of the Broadcast Center, vintage 1978, courtesy of Dennis Degan, an NBC Today Show editor.
Please let us know if you can identify any other faces! Click here___>The Degan Collection
Subject: Information regarding Ray Savignano

Wednesday & Thursday 2-4:30 P.M. & 7-9:30 P.M.
Mass of Christian Burial: Friday 9:45 A.M.
St. Robert Bellarmine R.C. Church (Bayside, New York)
Interment St. John's Cemetery (Middle Village, New York)

Funeral Home:
506 Lakeville Road
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

Get Directions from Mapquest


Monday, October 31, 2005

Page 10 has another new picture added, and several captions corrected. Click here___>Page 10
Just received this from Michael Vettor

Earlier today Ray Savignano passed away. Two weeks ago Ray tripped and fell on his head, started to recover but....well, what difference does it make..we lost a good friend. Ray was my best friend and he asked me to let the CBS guys know, should anything happen to him.

Michael Vettor
407-909-0781 Office
407-765-6367 Cell

Sunday, October 30, 2005

New addition to the "Page 10" collection. Click here___>Page 10
Hi Dave,

Ed Benford and I were there that night also { Maint.}..This movie is bringing some of us out of the Woodwork. Let's hope it continues.

Best Regards,
Harold Deppe.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

The current promos for the new film "Good Night and Good Luck" reminded me of a historic "See It Now" broadcast on Nov. 18, 1951 that I took part in. It was the first live coast to coast television transmission. Ed Murrow showed a split screen of live shots of the Brooklyn Bridge and the San Francisco Bay Brdge. The program originated from control room 41 in the Grand Central Building. I was doing audio. It is hard to realize that was 54 years ago.
Jay Chichon

Friday, October 28, 2005

To the brain trust:

I am very familiar with Chuck Pharis and his info on the Indian Head Test Pattern. Im looking, however for an alternate source on the history of the Indian Head Test Pattern and information as to why they chose an Indian head as opposed to something else. Im also looking for any history on this icon of the TV industry. Id very much like to interview anyone who may have been involved with its development, but theres probably little chance of that. I do know that the original artwork was done by a guy named Brooks and was dated 8-28-38. Your help is and will be appreciated.

Larry Bloomfield
Sagacious Pixel
Order of the Iron Test Pattern

Thursday, October 27, 2005

From: Heyward, Andrew Sent:
Wednesday, October 26, 2005
To: @CND NewsSubject: Message from Andrew

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I wanted you to know ahead of the official announcement today that I will be leaving CBS when my contract expires at the end of the year. After nearly ten years in this job - a record in the post-Paley-ozoic era -- it's time for a change, both for the News division and for me.
Leslie Moonves will be announcing my replacement shortly. The appointment is effective on November 7th, and I will be available to the new president as an advisor for the rest of the year as needed.
I've worked at CBS News for more than 24 years, as a field producer, broadcast producer, executive producer, and president. The last quarter-century has been a time of seismic change in the broadcast-journalism landscape, and it's been my privilege to play a role in steering CBS News across that shifting terrain and into the future.
I have every confidence that CBS News will thrive in the coming years, thanks to the extraordinarily talented and dedicated men and women who work here. My colleagues at CBS have enriched my life beyond measure, through challenging times and triumphs alike.
As for my own plans, I do not intend to "pursue other interests" or even "spend more time with my family," wonderful as it is. I am going to remain fully engaged in the media business. My goal is to explore that frontier just over the horizon where journalism, technology, and the needs of a new generation intersect in exciting and important ways.
In the meantime, I hope to say thanks and good-bye to as many of you as possible in the coming weeks. I owe you more than I can say, and I will take great pride in your continued success.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thanks to the "razor-sharp" memories of some of our users, we are now only missing two names from the latest uploaded group picture! Click Here___>ATWT Picture

Monday, October 24, 2005

Thanks to several of our users, we now have most of the names for the ATWT picture, however we are still missing six names. Put on your "thinking caps" and see if you can pull those names out of the ether! Click here ___>ATWT Picture
Here is a vintage picture, courtesy of Ron McGowan. It is an "image mapped" picture,
which means that you can place your mouse pointer over a face to see the name.
If you have any additions or corrections, please send them in to the Webmaster.
Click here ___>As the World Turns Studio 41 Show Crew from 1977

Saturday, October 22, 2005

One evening, I was called to report to studio 41 at Grand Central Station to do the
Edward R. Murrow show, as they were short an audio ute. They shot the show in the control room and two cameras were used. One was brought into the video pit, and one was placed behind the directors console, one step up, where the show's clients would sit. They placed a short tongue dolly in the studio so you could see it when they shot Murrow across from the client's level and through the glass to the studio floor.
He sat facing a console, which held the monitor and some telephones.
My job was to set Murrow's mike and headphones. Why they wanted headphones, I don`t know.
Since I was called so late, I barely got finished when we went on the air.
I didn't have time to get out of the way, so I sat on the floor to his right for the whole show.
When the show was over, I heard Fred Friendly say to Murrow, "We are going to catch hell
starting tomorrow."
One thing people don't know about him is he was very interested in children's education through TV. Once a week, if I had no assignment, I would be sent to Murrow's office. I ran many an audition of children's shows on 16mm film in his office. He was superstitious... whenever he moved to a new office, his big black door would go with him. I never saw him without a cigarette.

Cal Marotta
Come browse our luncheon pictures from the Crowne Plaza Hotel in NJ, October 19, 2005. If you have pictures to add, please send them to the Webmaster. Also, if you have any corrections or additions,please email me, as well. Click here ___>2005-10-19-Luncheon

Friday, October 21, 2005

Johnny Mac always made new Techs feel like old friends. His family has my deepest sympathy and I am glad our paths had crossed. It was good to see a message from John K. who was one of the earliest and best T.D's. He put the TECHNICAL in TD.

Frank Novack
I submit this as an addendum to Gayle DePoli's message on the Murrow, Friendly years! In the early part of 1954, I began my broadcasting career at NBC. My first assignment was as a utility man on the KATE SMITH show. We were pre-empted more often than not for the "Army-McCarthy hearings." I remember sitting in the control room of the studio on 44th or 47th street (not sure which one) along with the crew and production staff watching in disbelief how this man seemed to be attacking anything and everything that we believed in.
Time went by, and I came to CBS working on the Jack Paar show in studio 41--the same studio where "See it Now" and "Person to Person" aired. At the time, it didn't seem very significant to be so close to such a great man. As time went on, it became a shrine to journalism - he and Fred Friendly made it so. I have not yet seen the movie, "Good Night and Good Luck", but I get chills every time I see the promos.
Memories, memories...
Bob Vernum
We have three new pictures added to the Page 10 collection - Click here ___>Page 10
Good Night and Good Luck

Last night I went to a movie, "Good Night and Good Luck". Now I may have been a small child during the McCarthy hearings. But I do remember "Person To Person". The show that Edward R. Murrow wasn't fond of. Even though I started in 1972 at CBS, I did have the pleasure to work with Fred Friendly many times in the '80's on "Media and Society Seminars" at Columbia Uiversity....and beyond. I worked on those shows with Mark Ganguzza from some of the greatest universities. Places like the FBI building in Washington, DC. And the Nation War College in McClean, VA. We were at the National War College shooting "the Other Side of the News" when the ground war broke out during Desert Storm. Another one of the fascinating shows produced by Fred Friendly. The man who was one of our greatest champions of the Constitution of the USA. He made sure we all had pocket copies with us. I still have mine. In addition, it was a pleasure to work on "60 Minutes" for years working with Don Hewitt, Palmer Williams, Joe and Shirley Wershba. Watching the movie last night was thrilling for me to get a peek at the behind the scenes of the time. Even if it were Hollywood's view. Joe and Shirley Wershba and the Friendly family were consultants on the film. And how wonderful to have Fred Friendly portrayed by George Clooney? What about Frank Langella as Bill Paley? Well, Mr. Paley to us. A great film shot on Video in Black and White 24p and Directed by George Clooney. And if you like jazz, it has a great soundtrack showcasing Dianne Reeves. Don't miss it. A terrific history lesson of CBS News. And a walk down memory lane for some.
Boy, you guys sure smoked a lot of cigarettes back then.

Gayle P. DePoli

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Received an urgent phone call from Gene Pasculli. He spoke with Keith Morris of the 1212 Union office, about the 2006 drug plan. He strongly suggested to stay with our present drug plan as it is better than Medicare drug plan. The company must likely will mail us info of their plan, so we can see the difference.

Tony Casola

Monday, October 17, 2005

William "Red" Berridge will be waked Tuesday and Wednesday October 18th & 19th. from 2-5 P.M. and 7-9:30 P.M. at the Vernon C. Wagner Funeral Home on Old Country Road in Hicksville, NY.

Mass will be held on Thursday October 20th at 9:30 A.M. at Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church on South Oyster Bay Road in Hicksville, NY.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Klimy called and told me "Red died." He didn't have to say the full name for I knew instantly that he was referring to "Red" Bill Berridge. Just like we call George,...... Klimy, and then there is Chico, and Bruno, Joe Deso, some men were so popular that there name is reduced too, or shortened to some sobriquet. Bill also is remembered as a very fine man, a gentleman, and of course an excellent video engineer. One of my first remotes was with Bill and I was assigned to a room next to his, and on the day of air, which was usually Sunday, Red asked me If I was going to early mass with him, (he never missed mass if it was at all possible). And he always left a check in the collection basket (kinda' as proof of attendance for the IRS). Another characteristic was that he would leave a tip for the room service maid, always. He just had a set of high moral values. Another mortal soul has passed this way leaving all that knew him richer and pleased to have been in his company.
Pax Vobiscum
Tony Cucurullo
PS: A note to Sid :
"You will never be alone, at least not in the thoughts of your friends."
Forget solitaire and meet some of the brothers living with you in Florida."
We had a poker game for many years on Long Island monthly at our homes. There were Charley Giriat, Emile Lamendola, Al Bressan, Sol Trane, John Mc Manus, Walter Pile and Red Berridge. The most recent were John Mcmanus and Bill Berridge. All are now deceased and I am the survivor, it is a strange feeling. I will have to play solitaire until we meet again.

Sid Kaufman
Boca Raton, Fl.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Address of Studio 58 is wrong ... It was 841 Ninth Ave. The Studio was given over to Channel 13 in 1961.
This building contained the studio and master control for channel 13 until 1980, when master was relocated to 356 west 58th. St. The Studio was used until 1982. The Dick Cavett Show and the McNeil Lehrer Newshour were the last shows produced at this facility under the banner of 13.
The studio was then leased to Teletape productions and later Unitel, until bankruptcy closed the facility. Channel 13 then sold the Building to Alvin Ailey and they subsequently tore the building down in the late 90's.
I was an engineer for 13 from 1971 to 1996. I am now working as a video engineer for ABC.

Nick Besink
It is with sadness that we must report the passing of William "Bill" Berridge.
Information at this point is scant, however, as soon as we have more to report, it will be posted here.
Our condolences go out to Bill's wife, Patricia, and the rest of their family.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hi Dave,

There might be some one out there that would like to get a copy of their service record for some reason or other. They can get it by writing to:
National Personnel Records Center
9700 Page Ave
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100

Include Name Rank and Serial Number also Service dates. It takes about 2-3 Months, and there may be a fee of 50 cents per page.

Harry Charles
To all our friends of CBS. Bruno Fucci will undergo another MRI test; this one is for his other knee that needs replacement. He has endured much suffering with this problem. Let's hope his spirits stay high and that he is successful with his surgery.
Bruno is another of CBS's stellar points-of-lights. He has been a consummate professional all of his career at CBS. But mostly he is a friend to all that know him. When I was down on my own spirits he made calls from California every day for weeks to cheer me on. Even though he had his own pain to fight through. An email or a call will help this giant. I love you Bruno, stay well!

Tony Cucurullo

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Please note!
October 14th is the deadline for the CBS Get-together Luncheon, if you are coming mail in your checks. Time is short and the deadline is only next week so don't delay.

Tony Casola

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

To Peggy McManus:

I am very sorry to hear about your father and even more sorry that I didn't respond sooner. I was away and just arrived home. Your father was a fine man. He was respected and liked by his friends and fellow workers. He was a devoted and dedicated worker, always concerned about getting the show on the air. He would work all hours on his own time to correct a problem, many times without anyone else aware of the problem. He didn't do it for recognition, he did it because he was a professional and he had to be satisfied the show was ready for air. As an example, I am sending you one incident (see attachment) that occurred where your dad was supposed to leave at 12 midnight and worked until 7 am to get the show on the air. No one told him to... he knew what he had to do. After we both retired, we had lunch together a few times, and I am sorry we didn't do it more often. My wife and your mother met a few times and she enjoyed her company, so would you please send us your mom's address as we would like to send our condolences.

Vinny and Theresa Castrataro

Ed. Note:
Here is a local story... a bit lengthy, however, interesting!

This is the incident I referred to today on the 20 meter net. There were actually 16 (not 10) fire departments lending mutual aid. Lots of tower ladders from neighboring departments to get the water on top of the fire.THE CAUSE: A laborer employed by a contractor hired by the Village of New Hyde Park accidentally ruptured a gas main while replacing the sidewalk in front of the fire buildings. This was part of a beautification sidewalk refurbishment program. They were replacing the concrete slabs with brick work.Nuzzi Oil Co. has been at this location (for 60 years) since I was a kid. I used to play sand lot baseball with one of the Nuzzi kids when I was growing up. Unfortunately, they had several (empty) oil delivery trucks on premise when the fire broke out which added to the blaze.W2RII Harold's brother lives in NHP, which is the next village East of where we live in Floral Park. I had close relatives who lived there until a few years ago.The Venison dinner we attend each year is held at the New Hyde Park Inn. Paul, K2VBS had his wedding reception at that facility.This event was a major disaster for our neighboring village to the east. There are a lot of good folks who own those businesses that were destroyed in the blaze. We can't help but praise our volunteer firefighters who braved the fury of this conflagration to keep it from spreading to the residential area immediately behind the fire location. 3 hours of dedicated volunteer work with 2 injured firefighters. Thru the efforts of the NHPFD all animals were rescued from the NHP Animal Hospital which was totally involved.The reason I listened on 2 different scanners was because Nassau County Fire Com uses 3 different frequencies to dispatch units as well as allocates unit to unit Xmissions all on VHF (46.10 & 46.32 mhz) there is also an HT repeat function on UHF (450 mhz) which is simulcast on 46.32 mhz. That way I could hear dispatch and everything else going on at the same time (The 450 mhz HT link was by far the best way to keep abreast of the situation as it developed).It was obvious to me that the NC Fire Com dispatchers were overwhelmed by all the requests for mutual aid for ambulances, tower ladder trucks, engines, fast truck teams etc. (A Fast Truck team arrives at the site of the fire and is immediately pressed into service at the scene, their job is to relieve those firefighters who are in the affected buildings and are doing the work of trying to extinguish the fire)I really love to hear what's happening now when it comes to live events. I spent 28 years working for WCBS News Radio 88 & CBS-TV News and 4 years prior to that chasing fire engines in a WAPC mobile truck when I was News Director (and Chief Engineer) for WAPC in Riverhead, Long Island, NY.This account is much too involved for any net transmission. Just thought you might like it if I shared it.

C U on the radio!
73 de Bob W2BOB
Bob Maickel

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Two pictures have been added to the "Page 10" album. These are old B&W contact prints. They are from a remote in 1975 at a stadium somewhere in the U.S! Click here ___>Page 10

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Here are some pictures from Jim Ognibene's recent retirement party.
Click here ___>Jim's retirement party

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I had an interesting experience last night. I was part of a conference call on Skype which was connected to a 75 meter AMer's Net on the West Coast. There were about 25 to 30 stations that checked in from CA, AZ, NV, OR. Some of these guys were running old broadcast station transmitters that they had purchased and refurbished for operation on 75 meters others were running the old Johnson Viking gear or homebew stuff.Net control was WJ6W, Dave Jennings who worked for CBS Engineering several years while I was there, but we never knew each other back then. He was connected to the Skype conference call and piped our voices over his Collins Broadcast xmtr to the rest of the net. The xmtr he was using was the same model that I worked on when I was Chief Engineer at WAPC in Riverhead, Long Island from 1963 until 1967.The other Skype participants were Bob Heil of Heil Microphone fame and Riley Hollingsworth from the FCC. I was honored and quite amazed to be included as part of this illustrious group. I was asked to give a brief history of my broadcast and ham radio experience and I also mentioned my steel guitar activities which seemed to attract a lot of interest. One guy asked me if I had ever considered purchasing the old Collins xmtr from WAPC. I replied NO, but it was sold to a ham in Massachusetts 2 years ago.Riley answered some questions concerning deliberate interference being caused by sidebanders on 75 meters and then excused himself, since he had an early morning call today. Bob Heil and I stayed on for about an hour answering questions and handling some of the traffic for the net. Apparently, this was the first time anything like this has been attempted on a net. It wasn't just a phone patch hookup. Heil and I bailed out at 1:30 am EDT. I had no choice since I was connected to him in the conference call.I received compliments on my audio quality, even tho I was using the built-in Mic in the Macintosh. One never knows.
Bob Maickel
Just received this from Bob Sammon by postal mail






Monday, September 19, 2005


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Some minor corrections have been made to the Page 8 and Katz collections, and several new pictures have been added to the Page 10 collection. Click here for ___>Page 10

Saturday, September 17, 2005

This is a shot in the dark question for your CBS retirees. Of course, I realize you folks had nothing to do with the CBS-Columbia consumer television receivers. This said, perhaps one of your members may recall if the CBS RX-90 15" color receiver (early 1954) was ever offered for sale to the public. Or, perhaps, it was only a limited pilot run of sets for engineering research. I have included a picture of this receiver in hopes it may jog a memory somewhere. This set is not to be confused withthe CBS-Columbia "205" 19" color receiver which was sold to the public in late 1954.Thank you in advance for any information you or your members may provide.
Steve Dichter
Please visit my Vintage Color TV website:
Harry Remmers was one of our original supervisors at CBS/W. He came over from WTOP as described by Bob Camfiord in his thank you to the original group of techs that built the plant. Harry's work was his HOBBY. He loved it!
Two Harry stories:

1. TV coverage of the MARCH ON THE PENTAGON required a camera across the POTOMAC in ARLINGTON to catch the marchers coming over the bridge. How would you prepare to set up a camera powered up and fed back to 2020 in the 60's?
WRC (NBC) solution was send Mobile unit, find power, long power cable run, camera cable to reach camera on roof (250'), etc.

The Harry solution:

We had rack mounted camera control units. He told us to take 100' camera cable, 100' ac cable. On the roof we set up the camera and ccu. Whoa! Where was the power? Harry gave his little "heh, heh" laugh and pointed at the exit sign next to the door to the roof. He opened the access door to the fixture, removed the light bulb, and wonder of wonders produced an ac socket. Power up. Feed checked. Harry had even arranged to tie in the camera headset with the control room from the remote location via TELCO director to cameraman communication.

2. NFL setup on saturdays at RFK. Check in with 2020 for tape recording with George Allen, who was not known for his patience. All ready. Roll tape! Tape is rolling. After a couple of questions, all the monitors and the camera rolled. BYE-BYE George. Can' t stay, gotta go!

"What happened?", asked Bob Dailey of Joe Tier. Joe ruefully admitted that Harry was checking sync generators and had switched them not knowing that taping was going on the day before a game.
Bob was a decent man and figured out a solution for his next game in DC. He left the door to the switching area open after checking that tape was ready to record. He called Harry to the door and told him to put his hands on the side of the mobile unit. Harry complied. ROLL TAPE!! Bob called out in TRIUMPH Thus was human error reduced at CBS/W.

P.S. Harold Shutzman
Thanks buddy! Right back at you.
Frank Novack
Does anyone know where I can get information on Chip-Chart Set-up Procedures, for the Philips LDK 6000 Cameras and Camera Set-up Procedures for the Philips LDK 6000 Cameras?
Any information I can get would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Mel Waldman

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Our latest newsletter is now available for viewing. Those that are interested in joining us at the next luncheon, please either print and clip the "coupon" from the newsletter, or hand write a note with the needed information, and mail it with your check to the address indicated. Remember, you must pre-select an entree! Click here for the newsletter ___>Newsletter

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Isaias Rivera                           Robert Pattison

Let us never forget the tragic events that led to the death of two of CBSs finest employees. May their families find the peace in their hearts that strengthens their resolve. We ask that this treachery never again befalls any one, anywhere that freedom lives. I felt that sentiment later in the month of the treacherous attack on our nation. But, now, with the death toll climbing of our military forces in the fight for the freedom of people in the oppressed countries of the world, I dont want to become complacent and accept the higher body count with a blasé attitude. We, at CBS, lost two coworkers who became the first casualties of the war on terrorism. They are not listed in the daily body counts, nor are they considered killed in action, along with the military. We will never forget them. As the innocent victims of such a cowardly act they become symbolic heroes in the fight against evil. There are other members of the broadcast industry that lost their lives on that memorable day of infamy. They too, should be eulogized along with our own family members. And it goes with out saying, that all those who died in that holocaust showed the fight-back-courage that is inherent in our American system of freedom of choices. September 11th should not be the catch phrase for the politicians to gather votes, but a day for all Americans to realize that the battlefield is now at our doorstep and to be ever on guard for the evil of terrorism to fester in our midst. Once again, we pray for their immortal souls and hope that there is a softening of the pain their families felt because of their loss.
For the CBS Retirees website staff,
Tony Cucurullo
Two new pictures have been added to Page 10. Click here ___>Page 10

I hesitate to pass this on, but in the Sept 7th Obits in Long Island Newsday, there is a listing of Jack O'Donnell with a picture which is identical to the CBS Jack O'Donnell. The reason I hesitate is the absence of any information that would connect him with CBS, Both Jim Martens, who brought it my attention, and I are sure that it is the CBS Jack O'Donnell but you may want to wait for further confirmation before publishing. Jim thinks he may have passed away in California where he was last living. However the Funeral is Friday at 9:45AM at the Our Lady of the Snows in Floral Park.
Bob Wilson

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Received a phone call from Jim Martens that Jack O'Donnell passed away on August 30, 2005. He was living in California, but will be buried in Holy Rood Cemetery on Long Island.

Tony Casola

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I wanted to write and comment on what a fascinating web site you have! I am not a CBS Retiree, and quite honestly, stumbled across your site while searching the internet for information about current and former NYC television studios.I have always been quite interested in the history of television. As I child, I can remember telling my parents that when I grew up, I wanted to be a television camera operator.Indeed, I did end up working in television production, and very early in my career, while doing some video freelancing, I was invited by a friend of mine to visit her on the set of the sitcom Kate & Allie, which was taping at The Ed Sullivan Theatre. While there, I became quite fascinated by the facility, even though at the time (early 80s), it had fallen into quite a state of disrepair. Of course, from the marquee, I knew the facility had hosted the Sullivan Show, but was even more amazed when I found out what an interesting history the place had. Ever since my visit, I have been interested not only in the former CBS Studio 50, but all of the Broadway theatres and other facilities that were converted to television facilities.I no longer do video freelancing. I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1986 and now own an advertising agency. While not a member of your group, I would enjoy cooresponding with anyone who wanted to share stories, photos, etc. about "The Ed" or any of the other broadcast facilities in New York.
My e-mail address is
Again, very interesting and informative web site!

J.R. Smith
Scottsdale, Arizona
Have not been online much these days due to traveling, hunting , fishing, metal detecting. I have been teaching (volunteering) various courses for the local youth council, Hunting classes for the Dept of Environmental Conservation, Schoharie County Council on Alcohol and Substance Abuse DWI courses, and other stuff to keep me out of trouble. Between these activities, my 8 grandkiddies take up the rest of the time. My wife Dawn is doing well also.
Say Hi to everyone for me. Thanks,

Fred Dudash


Frederick S. Dudash Sr. Retired Videotape Maint. 1997
120 Hillside Ave.
Cobleskill N.Y.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Just received this from Peggy McManus (John McManus's daughter)

Hello - as you know my dad, John McManus, passed away
in Jupiter, Florida on August 7. We had a mass there
on August 10 - coincidentally at the same church where
Perry Como was a member and where his funeral was also
held. My dad had worked on the Perry Como Show many
years ago.

There will also be a funeral mass here in NY -

on Sat September 10 at 10 A.M. - at St. Agnes
Cathedral - 29 Quealy Place, in Rockville Centre NY -

Please let me know if you need my mother's address.

Thank you - Peggy McManus

Monday, September 05, 2005

Hello Dave,

I have read about the video tape delay stories. When "Nightwatch" moved to Washington in 1984, with Charlie Rose, they had call-in shows. Harry Remmers figured out how to use an 8 second delay using two 1" tape machines. I think they were RCA machines. I have no idea if that was the first time it was done or not.
We did that on several Nightwatch shows. We had a marked stick, or board, to be sure the machines were the same distance apart every time. There were rollers to remove and a few other adjustments to make it work. It did work fine.


Sunday, September 04, 2005


Re: Jim Hergenrather's note about a 7 second delay. There was only 1 RCA VTR in Grand Central when I left in 1963 and went to build Broadcast Center with the great Team that put it together. Since CBS had a vested interest in Ampex, RCA VTR's were not used in Grand Central. I know that a delay was accomplished between two Ampex machines due to their placement with a wastebasket to determine the time needed... In the Broadcast Center, Ernie Lowe, Paul Buda and I installed one RCA playback-only machine in Video Tape in 1965...all the rest were Ampex. That picture must have been mislabled.


Harry Charles

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hello from Television City in Hollywood.

I'm the un-official historian for TV City working out of the Video Tape Department.
No too long ago I saw a color photo on your web site that showed two RCA VTR's side by side with a loop of tape between them that created the "seven second" delay for live programs.
I looked for that picture today and am unable to find it. If possible we would like to get a copy of this photo to put on display in our photo gallery here. We have too many young wipper-snappers here who have no idea how things were done in the old days. While we did the same type of tape delay here, we have no photos.
And, if possible, we would enjoy talking to anyone who may have worked with the delay.
You guys have a great website!

Jim Hergenrather

Ed. Note: I've done a complete search of the website and cannot find such a picture.
I do recall seeing a seven second audio tape delay in TX, however, I don't think that this is what he means.
Two new pictures added to Page 10. Click here ___>Page 10

Friday, September 02, 2005

----- Original Message -----
Bob Dailey
To: Tony Cucurullo
Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 2:48 PM




I had an answer from the Lord God himself. My perplexing question will always be why my daughter and not me? I am ever mindful of the mysteries of the universe. I am grateful for what has been given to me as a second chance. I will intensify my prayers for others that are in need of an indulgence. I was totally unaware of the tragedy that struck this nation due to the hurricane. My heart is broken over the tragedies that has befallen upon so many people.
Whether you voted for the president or not you have to sympathize with him. The photo I saw of him, he looked like a 90 yr old man..
May the peace of the lord be with all in need.


Dear John,

There isn't any criteria for membership in our esoteric menagerie. All that is required is a desire to be heard with stories that will fill in a chapter, page, line or just a thought relating to the history of our efforts in the broadcast industry.
For instance... I remember working on a colorcast of a play with the legendary Noel Coward. While some of the details now reside in the realm of folklore, they at least fill in a sophomoric image and cause me a moment of pleasure. It seems that the crew was always involved with some by-play or gag. The players were Al Diamond, Frank Harvey, nonpareil when it came to playing a buffoon; and Al Kozak, who couldn't make the sign-of-the-cross and keep a straight face.
The set-up was that Kozie' was to get into a mock fight with Al Diamond and while pretending to scuffle, Frank Harvey reaches under Big Al's jacket and yanks out the complete shirt and tie off the frame of Diamond. This caused much laughter but it didn't sit too well with you, and you bounced the three of them from the show in the blink of an eye. Later, you reconsidered and reinstated the ninnies and all was forgiven. I wonder, John, if you can recall that incident. It doesn't quite measure up to your impressive technical resume, but might add to your enjoyment as a member of the greatest assemblage of creative artisans that filled the void in the history of show-biz. In either case, I for one, am glad to reestablish contact with one of the points-of-light and a true pioneer of our industry. Stay in touch and fill the page with some of your wonderful background.
Tony Cucurullo

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Harold Deppe has supplied us with a vintage photo of Ed Benford from 1951.
Check it out on ___>Page 10
Received the following communication from John Koushouris:

517-Iroquois Lane
Stratford, CT. 06614

I was a member of the Association some years ago
and for reasons foreign to me I suddenly was
dropped into the "dead file".
At any rate, while writing two books, I renewed
friendships with Dick O'brien and found out that he
was indeed a member of the CBS Operations group.
Actually Adrian Ettlinger was the one who passed on
your address to me.

Reason for writing: If membership is still open I wish
to rejoin as a founding member of the CBS
Operations Group. Actually, I went to work for Dr.
Peter Goldmark, father of color TV, on January 6,

I worked under Peter Goldmark on high powered
radar for the Pacific war and on VJ Day I started to
work on the development of Color TV, Sequential,
that is.

In 1949, I transferred from CBS Labs to CBS TV
Operations as TD of Crew 16, doing the Perry Como
Show and the Stork Club Show.
In 1950, I transferred to Engineer In Charge of color
TV. From there I went on to head up the
development and operations of Video Tape

At any rate I can truthfully say that I spent 17 of the
most fabulous years of my life at CBS. And, at this
point in my life I'd really like to re-establish the
relationships of those marvelous, wonderful years
with people like, Frank Florio, George Zavales, Joe
Sakota, Don Dube, John McManus, Al Diamond, Artie
Tinn, Hugo Ripp, Hal Warner, Herb Schwartz, Billie
Bell, Sandy Bell, "Black Sam", Bob Wilson, Vernon
Surphlis, Apollo Taleporos (in CA.), Blair Benson and
Chuck Bodien, just to name a few.

I formed my own company in 1961 and went on to be
a Producer, packaging and producing 31 MISS
AMERICA PAGEANT SHOWS, while producing major
sports ebents from the USA, including Europe
and Japan.

To sum it up, IT'S BEEN A GREAT LIFE!

John K.
Good News
Tony Cucurullo is now home from the hospital and recuperating from his surgery. He has been pronounced cancer free. He wishes to thank all of you for your kind thoughts and prayers. He is now well enough to accept calls and emails. Please allow at least another week for emails. By that time he might be able to get to the computer.

His phone is: 757-875-1558 and his email is:

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

To all of you who have expressed interest in the whereabouts of the legendary Mr. Gregory, I can say that he is doing well and enjoying the good life in Erving, Massachusetts along with his lovely wife Carol. He is also keeping busy acting as a guide at an historic site called Deerfield (a kind of Williamsburg of the Northeast). The guy never quits. I've only seen Kim once since he left the Washington Bureau many moons ago. This was on a Sunday about two years ago when he popped into the newsroom in Wash. He was about the same as I remembered him from his last days at CBS. OK, maybe a little grayer, a little balder. Those who know him well know his was still there. On a more personal note, I'm proud to say that that Kim and Carol are the Godparents of two of my in their 40's...time does march on. For those wanting to contact the old Greek, his e-mail address Regarding Frank Novack's classic story, it reminds me of how much I miss the wonderful guys I had the pleasure to work with during the 60's and70's. When we moved the Washington Bureau from WTOP to 2020 M Street in April 1964. All our techs were essentially a mix of WTOP and New York transfers such as Jack Lange, Emil Lamendola, Jim Duffy, Frank Novack, Jim Hargreaves, Bob Johnson, Royce Fish and Emil Franks to name just a few. Our bureau chief, Bill Small, consulted with me on the guys from WTOP, but I didn't know a soul from New York. As I recall, Sid Kaufman headed up operations initially. At any rate, it was a great group and this is one director who wants to express his thanks and admiration to the people who make things tick and on more than one occasion saved the ass of a director or producer. In closing, I'd like to pay tribute to one man in particular...Joe Tier, a man many of you knew. I truly loved this guy as a person, coworker and friend. He was my EIC in 1969 when CBS decided to co-anchor the "Morning News" out of New York and Washington. Without Joe, it wouldn't have have worked as smoothly as it did. His transfer back to New York was certainly your gain and our loss. Now that he's gone, I still have my memories.

Bob Camfiord

New Search Capability!

I have added a Google search box to our Home Page. This will give you added functionality in doing searches on our website. Since this is a free service, offered by Google, we will have to put up with seeing a few ads!
I think it is worth the tradeoff. Another reason for this addition is that the previous Pico Search engine only allows a certain number of web pages to be indexed, and we have exceeded that limit. In order for it to index our complete website, we would have to pay a yearly fee. I think the switch to Google is a better way to go. If anyone has objections to this, please let me know.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

We have another new album just starting! Click here ___>Page 10
While slightly off-topic, it is still of interest

NBC Chime Machine:

In the early days of NBC, the announcer on a particular program would read off the callsigns of the stations carrying the program. This got too cumbersome, so it was decided to create a sound effect to alert the stations as to when to ID themselves. Several employees of NBC came up with the idea of using a set of dinner chimes to serve as a coordinating signal. Originally the chimes were rung manually by the announcer, who would do this after saying "This program has reached you from the New York studios of the National Broadcasting Company". The chime sequence was originally 7 notes, but after awhile it was reduced to the soon-to-be-familiar 3 notes G-E-C(the story that GEC referred to General Electric is an urban legend I believe). The manual ringing of the chimes became inadequate after a few years though, and NBC asked a Captain Ranger, the inventor of the electric organ, to develop an electromechanical device that would play the chimes in a consistant manner. The device was developed and installed at all of NBC's facilities in NY, Chicago and the coast. I understand that the original chime machine is on display at the NBC studio tours at 30 Rock.

NBC Chime Machine
After serving as a radio director for WCBS in 1954 (Music 'Til Dawn, John Henry Faulk, Bill Leonard, Galen Drake, Lanny Ross et al) I became TV director for the Smith, Kline & French mobile color TV unit in Philadelphia -- using the field-sequential color system created by Peter Goldmark of CBS Labs. More info on this can be found at:


John K. Mackenzie
People are always wondering what happened to this guy. Now you know.

NY Times paid obits

JACKSON, Jay. Of Jupiter, FL, formerly of Manhasset, NY. Died August 16 at 86. He moved to NY when television was in its infancy and hosted many of TV's early drama and quiz shows including Philco Television Playhouse, Lux Video Theater, Twenty Questions and Tic Tac Dough.He narrated newsreels, documentaries and feature films. ''Crashing the Water Barrier'', a 1956 documentary won the Oscar for Best Short Subject. In the mid-1950's he started ''Christmas for Kids'' a non-profit organization. In 1961 The Association for the Help of Retarded Children gave Jackson its Humanitarian Award. A guest appearance on ''The Honeymooners'' in 1956 brought him repeated visibility, and a clip from that show was part of a 2003 ''Sopranos'' episode. Jay Jackson is survived by his son, Jay Stephen and his wife Molly Wigand and four grandsons Steve, John, Joey, and Danny, and by his daughter Sally and her husband Paul F. Nace. He is also survived by his brother Dr. William T. Jackson and his sisters Opal Brown and Grace Knoder. He was predeceased by his wife of 54 years, Ann (Rodgers) in 1995. Donations in his memory can be made to the Louis Armstrong House Museum, 34-56 107th Street, Corona, NY 11368.

Submitted by Dave Schwartz
Hi Dave,

One year the field crew did five Ivy League football games.
I think one was at Colgate University. We flew up in an
Allegheny DC-3 charter so Kim Gregory ( he worked in
Air Control then) could come along. When we landed at a small
airport, a school marching band came out to greet us.
It seems that Kim Gregory's nephew was a student at the
college and was in the band.

Hello to Frank Novack

Harold Schutzman

Monday, August 29, 2005

2005 Hilton Head Area CBS Retirees Party

OK, we've got a definite date. Saturday October 15th at 5 PM, at my place. If any of you know anyone else in the area that is visiting, or living here, please invite him or her. See you then.

Jorge Moran

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Luncheon Heads Up!

Keep October 19th open for our next luncheon, which will be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel (formerly the Radisson) in NJ.
Ted Perzeszty and Tony Casola have done the legwork, and plans are firming up nicely. Keep an eye out for further updates.
A Tony Cucurullo Update
The good news is that the lab tests showed NO malignancy!
Tony is undergoing Physical Therapy, and should be homeward bound in a few more days. We can all breathe a sigh of relief, especially Paula.
Sad News
Received from Goody Freed:
Sara -my wife finally went to a better place --she passed away two days ago after a long cancer fight -- life goes on.
stay well,
Tony Ancona
A Kim Gregory Story

Kim aspired to be the announcer for voiceover NFL openings out of CBS/W. Problem was he had to announce audio in Radio which ended one minute before TV coverage started. Radio facilities were on the 2nd floor. TV was onthe 1st floor. Kim timed the race to the elevator and the trip DOWN. After much practise, he deemed himself ready.
Radio signoff.
Race down hall to elevator.
Press DOWN button.
TV control room "...where's the announcer? "
New York screaming."seconds to go!"
No Kim
CBS/W had a third floor storage area.
You guessed it .The elevator went UP!!!
KIM went on to have a rewarding and successful career.
Bob Camfiord ( A GOOD GUY DIRECTOR) as was Bob Vitarelli worked directly with Kim and may have further info. I left CBS/W in 1970, still under suspicion of lurking on our third floor repository that fateful day.
GOD bless!
Frank Novack

If you ever get any info on Kim Gregory or Ken Davis I'd appreciate a note. They both worked at Vanderbilt, here in NYC, and then left for WTOP and I lost track of them.

John MacKenzie
I am happy to report that last week, my wife and I were in Great Barrington,MA, picking up our daughter from camp, when we called George Smith, who lives about 1/2 hour's drive away, and invited him out for dinner. George had just undergone total knee replacement surgery, and is recuperating remarkably well. So well, in fact, that he is planning to purchase a new motor scooter! Not bad for an 84 year-old retiree! George sends his regards to all.
Wondering if you might be able to post a request for any CBS engineer who may have worked on kinescope recording for the Red Skelton Hour(late 1960's). Trying to determine if CBS ever used any process whereby 16mm B&W kinescopes were created of this and other CBS shows such that they could later be reproduced in color using a color telecine and special filter attachment.There is some debate on this between some colleagues and myself (motion picture colorists) and our only hope is that there is a CBS engineer, or technician, still around who was involved with the process.If they can email me directly, that would be acceptable.<>
Thanks for your help,

George Odell

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Latest update on Tony C.:

He succesfully underwent surgery, and is currently awaiting test results.
He may still be in intensive care, so he cannot be contacted directly.
This is good news, however, the best news will be a clean report from the lab. We anxiously await his return home, and his continuation of glib comments here on the website!
Regarding Dave's post of August 3, I believe the unidentified CBS Newsman is David Schumacher who was one of our correspondents based with the Washington bureau during the late 60's and 70's. If my memory serves me right, he left CBS to become an anchor with the local ABC affiliate, WMAL. Some of you might also recall Rene Pousant (spelling?}. who also joined the staff of WMAL. Both were talented and genuinely nice people.

Bob Camfiord

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Please remember dear friend and frequent contributor to this page - Tony Cucurullo.

Tony will be undergoing surgery for colon cancer on August 23rd. He will be going through a batch of tests this week. I think he would appreciate hearing from his old CBS comrades sometime after August 19th, (after the tests) by phone or email. He will be admitted to the hospital on August 22nd, surgery to take place the next day.

His email is , his phone is 757-875-1558

Friday, August 12, 2005

Last week, Frank LaFroscia left us --he worked at WPIX since 1950 as a cameraman from the black & white days.
Great guy & friend-- 81 yrs old --

Tony Ancona

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A contact of mine at CBS New York was able to access the old 1951-1952 logs and was able to fill in some studio locations.

G.E. Guest House studio 58 (Town Theater)

Guess Again studio 59 (Mansfield)

The Ad-Libbers studio 60

Who’s Whose studio 59 (only ran once)

Balance Your Budget studio 51

Battle of the Ages studio 62

Break the Bank (1952) studio 60

Draw to Win studio 60

There’s One in Every family (daytime) Studio 62

Who’s There studio 51

Your Surprise Store studio 51 (Maxine Elliot)

That leaves only 7 or 8 CBS game shows to be placed in studios locations.

Dave Schwartz

Monday, August 08, 2005

More sad news:
I was just informed that John McManus passed away on Sunday, August 7th. There will be a memorial in Florida and New York. As soon as I receive the particulars from his daughter, I will post them.
Another sad moment as a star of industry is diminished. The passing of Art Jensen, as reported by his wife Therese Jensen, leaves us with another void that will be hard to fill. Art was a fair and professional administrator. A very decent man, which is very difficult to be thought of when one has the responsibility to make assignments that effect the income of those he worked with.
I didn't know very much about his background, except that there are many people that respect him highly. I hope more of his coworkers come forward to share those salient points of light that illuminated his career.
Your memories of him are his legacy. They belong to his family. Please share some with them and his CBS family.
Tony Cucurullo

Friday, August 05, 2005


Received a phone call from Therese Jensen, that Art Jensen passed away August 2nd.

Tony Casola

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dear Dave,

I just heard about Bobby Chin. I worked closely with him in field when he did slow mo.....he was a nice guy who helped me get started in the field as a Chyron operator.

Lee Levy
Hi Tony,

Good to hear from you!
Of course,the guy who -really- knows the history of Sound Effects is
Bill Brown. I haven't talked with Bill for a quite a while. I used to
call him periodically, just to chat a bit, but for the longest time, no
one ever answered the phone.
Eventually, I called on a day that his granddaughter was at his
apartment here in the city, and she told me that Bill was in a nursing
home. Bill's wife, Helen, had been in a nursing home for quite a
while, and Bill would travel to it every day, to spend time with her.
She was having a lot of trouble with her eyes, and she may have pretty
much lost all her vision. I don't know how Bill is doing, but I did
ask his granddaughter to tell him that we here were all thinking about
The Sound Effects department essentially no longer exists, and the area
is now part of Viacom Video Services. We have several
audio workstations where audio editing and fixing is done for
international clients. A lot of the work involves placing foreign
language audio tracks on to existing movies and TV shows.
Some of the shows are "Happy Days" and "Cheers"..
(yes.. those were not CBS shows).. but some are new, like CSI.
I'm still working, but as a freelancer... and often five days a week.
Eventually, of course, I'll pack it in, but for now I'll keep working!
Ray Sills
It is with deep regret and sadness that the family of Charles Chin, announces the passing of their father, Hong Chong (Bobby) Chin. The wake and funeral will be held at:
Wah Wing Sang Funeral Home
26 Mulbury St.
(212) 962-0273
Wake: Sunday, August 7th, 3pm-7pm
Wake: Monday, August 8th, 10am to 12:30pm
(Funeral Procession to Chatham, NJ at 12:30pm)
If you wish, in lieu of flowers,
you can make a donation in his name to:
The American Heart Association
The American Legion
Memorial Post 1291
191-193 Canal Street
New York, NY 10013
He will be buried next to our mother at the Fairmont Cemetery in Chatham, NJ. Again, we all acknowledge your thoughts, prayers and warm wishes. Thank you.
Robert, Charles, David, Roy and Esther Chin
George Smith has just completed Total Knee Replacement surgery, and is recuperating at the Barnwell Nursing Home in Valatie, near Albany, NY. He is doing well. He has his laptop with him, and can be reached at I'm sure he would like to hear from you!

We need help in trying to identify this CBS news reporter.
He could be from anywhere in the U.S. All we know is that he appeared in a documentary, but was unaccredited. If you have any information - an educated guess might be helpful - please contact the Webmaster. Thanks!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hi Dave - Ted, anyone:
Just a quick note from the wilds of Maine from me .... Joel Dulberg .... KA2FHU living here on Megquier Island in Poland, Maine. I can't believe that almost 4 years have gone by since I stood up from the console at 60 Mintues and said that I was leaving. If you ever have the chance and wish to do so, my phone is 207 - 998 - 2663 and the mailing address is 241 Black Island Road, Oxford, ME 04270. I'd love to hear from you when you get back from vacation and at that time will fill you in on life away from the eyeball and the ticking clock. Say hi to all the guys who may remember me, especially Bob Meyers if he's still around. Looking forward to hearing from you when your time permits.

Joel Dulberg
I'm writing because my husband, Joel Aronowitz, just saw this page and knew I would be interested in it. I certainly was! You see, I was the P. A. on The Secret Storm, and remember many of the guys in your photos. However, I need to correct 2 small items.
I knew Bob Myhrum - and the correct spelling of his name. He was the main director on Secret Storm. Unfortunately, he died about 5 years ago. And since I started working at CBS (on Captain Kangaroo) in 1967, and didn't start working on Secret Storm until around 1970, and I remember the shirt he was wearing, and many other guys who looked exactly like their photos - except perhaps Dave Payne - who looked even better in that picture than he did in person, if that's possible.
There were a lot of guys who helped me along the way, especially on Storm.
Just to mention a few: Tony Ancona, Dave Payne, Elliot Gordon, John Kemp,
"Snooks" O'Brien, Dick Ouderkirk, Charles Grenier, Bill Greenfield, Andre St. Laurent, Hal Schutzman, and many, many more.
It might seem a bit strange that I speak of Joel Aronowitz as my husband.
I first met Joel as his replacement A.D. on The Edge of Night. back in 1973 when the show was still broadcast live.
In 1975 CBS transferred me to CBS-TV in Los Angeles. And by 1980, I was one of the directors on Days of Our Lives (that station shall remain unnamed).
And now, just to bring anyone who's interested up to date, Joel and I were reacquainted when he came out to do the Rose Bowl Parade in 2002.
His wife of 38 years, Linda, had died the previous September. And the rest is history.
We are now both retired, living in Los Angeles, and are so thankful for each and every day --- as well as the fond memories we share of CBS.
I might even have a photo or two that might interest you.
Joel loves coming to this site and keeping up with our past.
So, from both of us, thank you very much.
Susan Orlikoff (the name I had while in N. Y. Susan Orlikoff Simon, when I first got married; and Susan Orlikoff Simon, even though I'm married to Joel Aronowitz.
You see, even though my first marriage didn't work out - I liked my initials (SOS).

Friday, July 29, 2005

Thanks to some amazing pictures from Tony Cucurullo, I was able to start a new album!
Please check out the "Page 9" collection, and let me know if there are any corrections or additions.
Click here ___>Page 9