Saturday, December 18, 2004

I'd like to join the "I worked with" club carried on our Internet from time to time......
I recently received an E-mail from a long time friend, Morty Goldberg. Mort informs me that he now lives "full time" in Florida. Both Mort and his lovely wife Cynthia have had some tough medical problems, but are on the mend.
"I worked" with Morty many years ago in Radio, (you remember Radio!) in the days when Radio was earning the money to financially bring about and support that thing called Television. Morty was doing Audio Tape Editing when people didn't even know you could "mechanically" or physically edit a tape...At this point I'd like to say that he was the absolute best at what he did, and very often performed production miracles while working
at his "art"---
At that time there was a popular Classical Music Program produced by Jim
Facett (I hope I have the correct spelling), anyway Mort did an absolutely fantastic job putting these Classical Music programs together....He also performed many other difficult editing assignments in the course of his everyday job!
I'd also like to add at this point that Mort would never hesitate to answer any questions you might ask or expand on any related topic...

Here's to you Mort , God bless you and Cynthia ....May you enjoy many more years in the Florida-------

Best Wishes for Happy and Healthy Holidays,

Andrean and Gene Pasculli