Saturday, December 04, 2004

Bob Vernum and I worked at NBC in the 1950's. We came to CBS at the same time along with other CBS'ers. NBC was a great company to start in this business, the opportunities were enormous, and we developed our talents when these doors of chance were opened to us. Bob Vernum was a valuable asset to them and I am sure that they were reluctant to part with him to CBS. But, that was the nature of their temporary hiring practices in that era. NBC was the farm system for the majors of CBS.
CBS recognized Bob's ability almost immediately, as he progressed through the control room assignments.
As a member of the CBS family, it hits home to hear that another of our brothers has carried the scythe of Cancer... hopefully to a successful conclusion.
Compassion for an ailing brother is a Christian attribute to be fulfilled with prayers for a speedy recovery, by all.
Bob has a daughter that has shown the will-power and strength to compete in Triathlons and that takes some determination to accomplish. What this really tells us is that gene is an inherent characteristic that should power Bob through this crisis.

God speed Bob, and I hope that all of our prayers go to help you at this time.

Tony C.