Friday, November 05, 2004

I was cleaning up some old files and I came across this. It was dated somewhere around October 9, 2004.
I don't recall if I ever posted it...

Memories are forever

I remember Tony's fine Italian cookouts on field crew remotes.
I remember Patty being stabbed by disturbed man delivering coffee during show rehearsal possibly Fred Waring or Vaughn Monroe show. A bad way to make the Daily News!
I remember Patty giving up his room at GOP convention in Miami 1968 so that I could bring down my sick wife. No questions asked. He sought me out having heard about my problems through the techs grapevine.
I remember working as Hal Classon's video man on Studio One.
I remember John Paola lending me money during some early financial problems. Again no questions asked.
I remember a young Dave Dorsett at MGM Telestudios.
I remember my working years from CBS usher at studio 50 (Sullivan theater) in 1948 to CBS/NY tech to MGM Telestudios to CBS /W to Telecolor productions (Washington) to USIA Worldnet TV to Retirement in 1997 as the best years of my life working with the best people.

Frank Novack