Saturday, October 09, 2004

I have been asked as to why I don’t mention some names whenever I write my little vignettes about members of our CBS family.
First and foremost, it comes down to my having actual contact with that person. Generally, a vision of that person appears from my reverie and I can conjure up the image just as if I was viewing a picture. I have always had this ability to see these visualizations; this has also helped me in my work, as I am able to see the director's shot even before he calls it. I know it sounds like so much persiflage (BS) but you either have it or you don’t.

Well, when I talked about Patty, (for instance) I pictured those people he generally worked with, and also the ones I was associated with. I mention the names of those that come to mind, and there isn’t any other criterion that enters into my selection.

When I mention cameramen, I was duly impressed with the continuous quality work of the likes of Classon, Lincoln and McBride, but that doesn’t preclude the many equally great technicians that worked at CBS.

I didn’t think I offended anyone when I mentioned these great men; apparently there are some that felt slighted. I am sure though that even these detractors could not disagree that those I selected would be on anyone’s list of outstanding performers in our industry of the visual arts?

I am also dead sure that in the future (if some of you would only start to share some of your thoughts) there will be those that will include the likes of George Klimsack, Rick Blane, Mike Zwick, George Graffeo, and those hard working giants in ENG, Tom Fisher, Barry Weiss and Jim Fleischmann. These men have already carved their niche in the pantheon of CBS greats.

So, once again I will apologize to anyone that I have missed. I plead an old man's (77) senior moment, but in my heart there are so many great people that I met at CBS that I would have to just publish the technicians seniority list to cover my ass.

And to you booby I love you still.

Tony Cucurullo
Tony C.