Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I am so very sorry to hear about Les Burkhardt, and his heart problems; and too, his bout with the storms affecting all in Florida. I wish him well, particularly because with his support, and that of Adrian Ettlinger, and Bob Zagoren, we put our money up when it counted and with the collective wisdom of these gentlemen the WEB PAGE as we now know it came to fruition.

Although Les was having enormous visual problems, he persevered in his efforts to create the format for the page.

(ed. note: - I may just put up a copy of the original Home Page so you all can see how much progress we've made!)

Les has always been a conscience, and diligent worker for CBS, so it wasn't any surprise to see the effort he made for all of us. I hope events normal out for him, and Al Charters, and Ciff Rice, so that they can go back to enjoying their well earned retirement.

I take some comfort in seeing the news reports from people such as: Joe Strano, Ray Sills, Bob Maickel, and a quick note from one of the truly fair men in management, Jerry Stahler. I could fill a page about the good deeds he did on behalf of the technicians that he helped the union to save.

I wish there was more info about Mike Snyder. I remember a very young man, but, of robust proportions that always seemed to be jolly and friendly, and he always kept things in a light atmosphere. I wish some of his close friends could help Lisa, with her desire to know more about him.
Lisa, CBS hired only the best, so I am quite sure that your dad filled the mold of great technicians,
He had to work with the best in the world, and that would also include him.

Thanks again for an informative page.
Tony Cucurullo