Monday, October 11, 2004

Hey! You think you had a bad winter? Well, here is one from our good buddy from the land of the chad.
Tony Cucurullo

Hi Guys,
Thanks for asking (you know who you are) and if you were wondering but didn't ask, here it is in a nutshell.

We had a bad time with the hurricanes. Re Frances ~~~ lost all shingles and tar paper on south side of main roof , on south dormer, and part of north dormer. ~~~~ extensive water damage inside.
Fascia and soffit ripped off pretty much all the way around.
Sally's beautiful garden was shredded.
Roofers got us "dried in" with tar paper, but along came Jeanne, ~~~~ ripping it all off again and more water damage inside.
In between, Ivan went in on the Gulf side, inundated most of the east side of the country, finally went out to sea in New England but came back as a long- duration northeaster that eroded away about 150 YARDS of our recently renourished beach to a depth of nearly 20 feet and covered everything with windblown sand.

So much damage all over Florida that we are way down the list to get the roof properly repaired so we have been "dried in" with tar paper again and are praying for no more rain.
The up side~~~~~
We are alive, safe, and feeling very lucky that it wasn't worse.

Pierce Evans