Saturday, October 16, 2004

Hello Gang:

I got the news yesterday from Brian McGovern that Mike Snyder has passed away. As you may know, he was not in good health in recent years, having suffered a stroke and had a few other problems.
As of last evening, I had not heard of his arrangements, but I guess that info will be available soon.

May he rest in peace.

Ray Sills

You may or may not know, Mike was a video man in studio show crews. His ham call sign was KA2HMP. Mike was a comedian on the side. I used to get a charge out of his answering the PL in Studio 46 while we were setting up for the Ch. 2 News at 11pm (Mike did video and I did audio).

PC would call... Mike would pick up the phone...PC would ask is anybody there?... (meaning directors or producers) Mike would reply "Nobody here...just ask anybody....they will tell you I'm nobody".

What a great loss. We all loved Mike. Rest in Peace Michael. Condolences to his wife and children.

Bob Maickel