Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Patty McBride-1950

August 25th, 2004. Probably just another sun filled day out in Arizona. From dawn until dusk, the world turned, and it filed another chapter of the human experience in the archives of existence.

Unnoticed, save those few family members, was the passing of an 84 year old, tall, gaunt man, that was, or could have been the poster-man for the Irish wit, the Irish mannerisms, and the all that imagery that ensconces the Irish mysticism.
Patty McBride was a talent unto himself. A cameraman, with an aesthetic eye, and an artistic bent. One doesn’t have to compare him to Classon, Lincoln or Paoli, because Patty was the definitive cameraman. A fun individual to be around, but a “no nonsense guy” during the ”Show.”
A combat photographer in WW 2... the transition to studio show crews... thence to the field of sports, was a natural assimilation for his immense talents.

Pat loved a practical joke. He and his cohort, Al Kozak, set the bar for the legendary pranks plied on fellow CBS’ers. On the road, he was a sugar-holic along with yours truly. We attacked the desert bars on many a remote, with vigor.

All the accolades aside, I will miss him, for he was a good friend. To muse about our times together forces my reverie to see in my minds eye, Joe Sokota, Jim McCarthy, Jim Murphy, Stan Gould, Bob (Capt. Kangaroo, Patty’s dear friend) Keeshan, Al “The Weeper” Loreto, Cal Marotta, Dick Douglas and Bob Dailey. These thoughts and so many more of his friends make a composite of the greatness of this giant technician of the arts. He belongs with them, and they within him, as one.

Over the years I lost touch with him and “no one” apparently knew of his whereabouts. Thanks, old-friend, for the encouragement you gave to me and to so many others.

Oi ‘dink Oi knew ye lad, but……..did I ever?

God rest…….Dennis Pat McBride

Tony Cucurullo.