Saturday, October 23, 2004

An appreciative note from Mike Salgo:

Luncheon was held at midday at MESON MADRID Restaurant in Palisades Park in New Jersey not far from the GW BRIDGE.
Our table included DICK OBRIEN, ADRIAN ETTLINGER, ART YAMASAKI, BERNARDO COSACHOV, JOE MILANO, FRED KIESEL, and myself, as always this was a most congenial group with pleasant and interesting discussions.
Regards from other CBS RETIREES; RALPH GREEN, SI VOLINSKY, JOHN MC MACHAN,E LEE HART, JOE HOROWITZ,TOM OLSON,TOM QUINLAN who were unable to attend, Others who attended and came by our table included HAL GELLERT, TONY CASOLA and TED PERZESZTY.
Noted names of those who passed away this past year; LOU LAPORTE, CLARENCE HOPPER, BOB MONROE, VC METROPOLSKI, JIM MCQUISTON.
FACILITIES and food were excellent. Location was very easy accessible. Service was the worst I had experienced for this and similar affairs. Two waiters were not sufficient to handle 100 diners. Some of the food was cold by the time it reached our table. It was still good but would have been still better if it were at proper temperature.
All in all it was a pleasant affair and get together.
I mentioned latest public experiences of my son DR. PETER SALGO MD who for many years was MEDICAL CORESPONDENT on CBS and other networks staffs. He recently was KEYNOTE SPEAKER at major MEDICAL CONVENTIONS that had over 4000 DOCTORS in attendance. He now is HOSTING a PBS NETWORK 13 WEEK SERIES CALLED "SECOND OPINION" that will be on air nation wide starting later this month. His book "THE HEART OF THE MATTER" is now coming out as paperback.