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Sep. 11, 2004
Joan Snyder dies; CBS News veteran
By Paul J. Gough

NEW YORK -- Joan Snyder, a pioneering female writer, producer and correspondent for CBS News, died Thursday at Mount Sinai Hospital after a long illness. She was 69.

Snyder had a nearly 30-year career at CBS News, where she wrote and produced for many of the network's stars, including Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather and Charles Kuralt. In 1967, she was one of the first female TV journalists to travel with a camera crew, covering elections, political conventions and the space program. She became an on-air correspondent for the weekend "CBS Evening News" and, later, "Sunday Morning."

"She was one of the pioneer women reporters who opened new opportunities for women at CBS News and throughout American journalism in the 1960s and 1970s," Rather said in a statement. "She did it by hard work, talent and adherence to the highest standards.

Although she had been at CBS News for 11 years, first as a news writer and then as a producer, it wasn't until a chance interview in 1972 that she got in front of the camera. It was an interview segment that she produced for the "CBS Evening News" with singer-songwriter Don McLean, who was then riding high on the pop charts with "American Pie."

One of her most noted pieces was more than just a workaday story for Snyder. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer in the early 1980s and was successfully treated with a surgical procedure that was controversial at the time -- a lumpectomy. Snyder reported a series for "CBS Evening News" to educate women about the procedure. In 1987, she became a producer and correspondent at "Sunday Morning" and filed features and profiles. She left CBS News in 1991 to become a freelance producer.

Snyder, who grew up in Kentucky and the Bronx, graduated from the City College of New York in 1957. After working at a trade publication and United Press International, she became a news writer at CBS News.
She is survived by two half brothers, Robert and Kenneth Snyder, and her stepmother, Catherine Snyder, all of whom live in New York.
Joan Snyder, CBS News producer and correspondent, dead at 69
September 11, 2004

NEW YORK -- Associated Press

Joan Snyder, who wrote and produced for Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace and Dan Rather during her decades-long career at CBS News, has died. She was 69.

Ms. Snyder died Thursday after a long illness, according to a statement from CBS News.

Ms. Snyder, a 1957 graduate of City College, started her professional career at a food trade magazine, then moved to United Press International before joining CBS News as a writer in 1961. From that position, she moved to producing the weekend evening newscasts, and became a producer/correspondent in 1972.

She moved to CBS News Sunday Morning in 1987 before leaving the company in 1991. As a freelancer, she worked for a number of organizations including Time Warner and Fox.

Ms. Snyder is survived by two half brothers, Robert and Kenneth Snyder, and her stepmother, Catherine Snyder.
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