Thursday, August 26, 2004

What a wonderful tribute to a CBS giant was just posted by the son of Paul Buda.
Once again this PAGE filled in the gaps in the life of one of CBS's technical luminaries. Apparently, his life was about accepting challenges: music, electronics, tinkering, creating art, each a reward unto itself.
We labor alongside a person without ever knowing the depths of a man's talent and soul. It is to our regret that we couldn't enjoy his glories during our times together. As his Son filled us in on this talented man, he also elevated all of us by allowing us to share a reflected glory, by association, with him.
Paul Buda belongs in the pantheon of CBS greats, but apparently, his greatest talent was the love he created for his children and that love they returned to him.
Peace be with them, and to his soul.

Tony Cucurullo