Tuesday, August 10, 2004

WCBS-TV Technical Maintenance Links
When I had the idea for this page I had, "not a clue," as to how far it would advance. But, with the contributions of such stalwarts as Les Burkhardt, Adrian Etlinger, and the current WEBMASTER, Dave Minott, I am pleased with the additions that their minds could conceive.
During the period when the PAGE is in a state of flux, and it seems that it is boring to keep looking for new inputs, I sometimes take a trip down memory lane and look at past messages and renew fond times with my old friends. Well. this time I tried many of the new pages that Dave Minott has laboriously supplied us with. I viewed the STATISTICS, which I perused, and I clicked on INTERESTING LINKS.
There I viewed the many photos of the new and some old maintenance personnel. I recognized very few of the more recent people, and that got me to wondering if indeed they will someday keep this, (Cosa Nostra) "thing of ours," going?
I hope they view our page now, and will contribute their history when ever they feel that they have a contribution to make. I hope that goes for all the current people that are presently employed.
One of the picture I saw was of a technician (Kevin Bailey) with a mini cam, doing a street story. His father is Harold Bailey, (Harold is gone now) one of the finest gentlemen, and from the "Old school" employee types.
Harold was visiting the Sullivan Show, and he brought his infant son Kevin with him. He went into the control room to visit, and, he left little Kevin with me while I was doing camera relief, one of those rare times I did Sullivan. Well, some time after I had this little tyke resting on my knee he let loose with a stream of PEE, I got soaked down my leg pants. We all had a laugh about it. Now, when I see this giant of a man wearing a terrorist type beard, and probably weighing around 250 lbs I wonder if he still remembers his uncle Tony, as he always called me.

So, folks on a down day try scanning some of those marvelous "Green buttons'' that Dave has placed for us to enjoy. and to the new folks around CBS, join us in progress, and give us some of your input as to how you like it so far. As the man on the TV says, "Come over, we'll keep the light on for you."
Tony C.