Friday, August 27, 2004

I seem to have found Mr. Gamble's number. When I call him I'll alert him to your group. He was given billing as technical director on a number of shows including Ed Sullivan, "What's My Line?", "To Tell the Truth," and I think "I've Got a Secret."(by the way, I think there's a 1959 show featuring one or two cameramen with the panel trying to guess their "lines!"). I've been curious as to the color of the "WML?" sets (even the pictures in the CBS photo archive are b&w).
Do you also know of anyone who was familiar with the policies at CBS of saving 2"/quad master tapes? Most all other 2" video is long gone (the only post-1957 Goodson-Todman produced programs saved on 2" are those daytime "TTTTs," a couple of nighttime "TTTTs," and the 1962-65 nighttime "Passwords." All else is around, but on kines).
The "Sullivan" 2" tapes start around 1959. It's fascinating seeing videotape from that long's a real window to the past.

Any help answering these questions will be most appreciated.

Thanks from a fan.
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