Tuesday, August 31, 2004


I just received this information from CBS Benefits Dept.
All those that are holding CBS/Viacom stock options can check their holdings and/or execute their options
via the Smith Barney website. Here is the procedure:

--Log onto www.benefitaccess.com\registration

--Enter your SSN; Viacom Ticker Symbol = VIAB; First 3 letters of your first name

That is the entire registration process. From that you will receive 2 mailings:

1) Welcome Kit with a user name and PIN # (should receive in 7-10 business days)

2) User password (should come a few days after the Welcome Kit)

You will need those 3 pieces of information (username, PIN #, user password) to log onto your account on the website.

This is especially useful for retirees, as it appears that we do not get any regular updates regarding options.