Saturday, August 21, 2004

August 18, 2004 Bellmore, L.I. Mini-Luncheon:

In attendance: Irwin & Pearl Solow & Sam, Tony & Flo Casola, Dave & Holly Minott, Ted Perzeszty, Everett Schuval, Gary Grasso, Pete Deller, Tony Cucurullo, Lou Wiggan, Gene Pasculli & Mike DeIeso

I was visiting my daughter, who happens to live in New Jersey, when I received a call from Ted Perzeszty who invited me to the luncheon in Bellmore, Long Island. I traveled 64 miles each way to attend and I was reluctant to drive that far as I can't apply that much pressure on my foot for too long a time. But, I will say from the outset: it was very enjoyable.

The only negative aspect was that it could have been a little more intimate, as we sat on a long table and it is very hard to converse with those that are a distance away. The din was another problem, because most of us have a hearing problem of sorts due to the nature of the industry we plied. Most worked in Tape, Telecine, and Maintenance with all the whirring machines, and those that had to wear headsets most of their lives, well, we are now plagued with all the ensuing hard to hear intricacies of dialogue. Some of it becomes comical. The waitresses don't believe the fact that we had to ask her to repeat the menus, over-and-over again.

As you can see by the names (above) of those that attended, it was quite diverse, and the good clean jibing done by all was what makes it interesting. Although as is the case with most maintenance characters, sooner or later someone is going to start a technical dissertation on some piece of equipment, and they were off to the races with that line.
They traversed from radio tubes, #80 power types all the way to IB3's in TV sets. I kept thinking of Harold Deppe who is always imploring us to submit information on the equipment previously used in his sphere of broadcast world. He would have loved this luncheon!

One could immediately observe about the group, that most of us lost HAIR. There must be a terrorist gene in men that causes hair to disappear. Some, like Lou Wiggan, could boast about his massive hair, and beautiful suntan. He wouldn't say as to how he maintains it year round.
Ted P, was telling us that with the rising cost of medical care, he must maintain his pacemaker, and defibrillator twice a year, so he found that MEINEKE, and MIDAS MUFFLER do just a good a job as the doctor.

Dave Minott took most of the pictures, hence he isn't in any of them. Not to worry though he still looks the same, like a mad scientist.

Several of the men had their wives with them, and I must conclude that the wives faired better than the CBS technicians, for they all looked lovely. I didn't know I could bring my wife. I would have, even though Paula always embarrasses me by taking home all the bread sticks and napkins. This time Mike DeIeso beat her to it.
And one quick comment... Gene Pasculli, I should tell your wife that you ordered and ate fishcakes and spaghetti (that looked like limp worms) in a Greek diner. Yuk!!!
If this is the spirit that pervades during these luncheons, then I recommend that you try to be at the next one, if not, make the big luncheon that is coming up on October 20th in New Jersey; check with Tony Casola, another great guy.

Tony Cucurullo