Monday, July 26, 2004

It was nice to read Bob Wilson's account of the early days of field
sequential color. It brought back memories of my experience. I recall unpacking the
first production models at 485 Madison Avenue, 4th floor maintenance shop. In
color mode the filters form a full wheel. In black and white, the motor reverses
and folds the wheel in half to expose the 10FP4 CRT. A problem developed where
the filters folded back, but the motor cut off microswitch did not actuate.
This caused the motor to burn up.

Then there was the case of Master Control in Grand Central---We had a field
sequential monitor made by the Gray Corporation. A filter broke loose, the
wheel became unbalanced and tore itself apart.

I remember the field sequential film chain at Liederkranz Hall ---The
projector needed such an intense light output due to the density of the color
filters, the 16MM color film buckled.

I wonder if Mike Wallace would recall the "Mike and Buff" show in field
sequential color?

I just bought a high definition receiver---from field sequential to high
definition in one lifetime! What a great experience!

Harold Deppe

P.S. CBS WAS a great place to work!