Wednesday, June 09, 2004

A trip down memory lane once again. It is cold as hell, as it usually is in January. But! January of 1984 was especially bitter cold in Washington DC. CBS was there to cover the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan.
In the trenches of warfare against this freezing weather were the field people and those selected from the staff crews. The week of setup had blustering snow whipping in our faces. The wire and cable seemed not to bend.
Extra care is always taken to hide the cables and to be as unobtrusive as possible in the placement of microphones and cameras.
It was worked out that a couple of technicians could stay inside the Capitol building to keep warm and then come out to relieve a couple of other people, on a rotating basis.
One studio tech (Karin Grzella) comes to mind for her willingness to take an unenviable assignment of crawling into a sewer for the feeding of cable to the Capitol building.
After all this back-breaking work and with many frozen hands and cheeks it was decided that it was too cold for all the celebrities to sit and suffer, so, it was called off and held indoors.
Once again only the love of country, and overtime, could keep these stalwart CBS people from not performing their duties.
While this is not much of a memory, it is at least a chronicle of an event related to the,"Great Communicator," President Ronald Reagan.
If one would look at picture # 145, (by using our search engine) you would observe some of the technicians that day putting the finishing touches on the place of the swearing in, which never came to pass.
As I sit here and think of my life at CBS, I am pleased to have spent the time with so many wonderful people. It at least fills the many hours I now have to just sit and think of old-times with old friends. I would sure like to hear from some of you. We could compare aches and pains, and desires.

Tony C.