Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Those of us that plied our trade in the News division of CBS local, got to work with some very fine people.
I can think of, Jim Jensen, Carol Martin, Chris Borgen, and of course Warner Wolf. These people were writers, not copy-readers. They could tell stories with their words, or their film/videotape images. They had that creative sense to bring a story to the TV-screen.
Their styles made them unique, their talents and ability to transmit to the cameraman what they thought would be a story for the public to enjoy.
The suits, or corporate barracudas, have a different yardstick to evaluate talent, mostly "The buck," is their motivation. In the case of Warner Wolf though, they forgot that he is an icon that most of the sportscasters around the country have either pilfered or just plain copied his unique style.
Well, Warner is a CBS family member, and we remember his kindness and camaraderie while working with him.
Somehow, I feel he may still come back, so let's not "Go to the videotape," just yet, with another Jim Bouton type.

See attached photo.

Tony Cucurullo