Sunday, March 07, 2004

This just received from Harry Peterson:

This just received from Gayle ODonnell, Tony Landry's daughter:

Good morning Harry...

It was very nice to hear from you asking about my Dad Tony Landry. He is doing very well and you'll probably be hearing from him. I believe he is writing you as I type. He still enjoys writing and getting return mail.

He does not like the winters here in NY, never did. We will be going to Florida at the end of March, and we will be bringing him to Pt ST Lucie to visit another daughter. We will travel on to Sanibel where we will stay for a couple of weeks. Dad decided a few years ago he does not like the beaches on Sanibel. He says they are dirty......Personally I think he needs glasses. On our way home, we'll pick him up and stop by the house in North Carolina.

Bill finally got an antenna up for him, but something is still lacking. Dad can receive voices just fine but the transmit part is not good. The weather did not cooperate, which is why it took so long to try and get Dad back on the air. He's chomping at the bit to once again talk to his friends.

Harry, I know Dad's thrilled you took the time to write and soon you'll see that despite being a bit more slow and cautious when walking, he's got his same spark...most of the time.....and an even more spirited approach to helping others maintain their health. He's got a great appetite and cannot refuse those deserts......

Take care's me. 845 878-7959 is the home phone.
Thanks again....
Gayle & Bill O'Donnell