Sunday, March 28, 2004

For those who may not have known Ralph Gompertz, Ralph, as I recall-correctly I hope- was in Network Operations under Hal Meier in the late fifties. When Technical services was reformed in 1962 under Bob Hammer after all the splits in 1960, Ralph was appointed to be in charge of administration reporting to Bob.
However this was short lived because of his illness and untimely passing leaving a widow and one year old child.

I have forwarded my personal recollections to Steve by mail. In the process of recollection, the name Larry Gumbineer came to mind and whom I believe was also a network supervisor at the time and was promoted to be head of the CBS Traffic department succeeding Hugh Cowham. However after several years Larry succumbed to the lure of the state of Maine and decided that it was personally preferable to a career in corporate CBS.

Bob Wilson