Monday, March 01, 2004

Dave –

I didn’t know if you guys had updated both my e-mail address and Carol’s e-mail address as we broke down and bought the RoadRunner from the cable company (although TV is via DirecTV).

Mine is and Carol’s is (She is ex-CBS/NY and DC Carol Pritchard from CTN-Eng Construction and CTN-Ops. Can’t believe we have been married over 38 years! They said it wouldn’t last and she said she would never marry a Technician! We’ll she only let me be one for 3 married years before moving in to management!)
I currently don’t have the WA3RRK on anything except the ARRL site which feeds over to the site.
Great job on the website and really appreciate all your time and trouble!!
We’re both glad to be “retired” from the “new CBS” and Carol works for a temp agency to keep her off the streets and I am selling real estate to keep my mind active. Those guys on 20 meters are a great group and I have to look into doing more on the other bands with the retirees as I improve my antenna farm!

Warmest regards from sunny Florida, Dave!

Lyn Heiges

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Oh by the way….If you or some you know could use my services, please do not hesitate to refer them to me! THANKS! Lyn