Sunday, January 25, 2004


Yesterday had a lot of meaning for me. Bob was a very misunderstood person. He was both a taskmaster and a very sensitive individual - which he never openly displayed. He was a most professional artisan of his craft. I was his TD from 1972-1979. In 1973. I received the news that I never wanted to hear "your wife has cancer"!
Going to studio 45 to do his show was somewhat difficult under those circumstances. Apparently he found out of my situation either through Mike McGrath or the Tech office. He never showed a great deal of sympathy, just an unsaid concern for me and the children. I wish I could put in print all of the funny things that happened during my seven years on the show. We had a mutual professional respect for each otherand I can't remember a single occasion when a harsh word was exchanged between us-- lord knows there were opportunities!
I am sure he will not soon be forgotten by those of us fortunate to have worked with him and the millions of children he entertained. May peace be with him and lumpy.

Bob Vernum