Wednesday, January 28, 2004


I came to CBS in 1954 following a short stint at NBC. My first assignment was as an Assistant Technician on the Jack Paar Morning Show. It sort of annoyed me that none of the media coverage of his death included this first show he did on networkTV.
The show was done in Grand Central studio 4. He had a supporting cast which included Pupi Campo, Betty Clooney and sometimes his "audience entertainer", Jonathan Winters.This show aired live at 7 A.M. It was unrealistic to acquire an audience at that hour--soooooo a Production Assistant went down to the cab stand and invited the drivers up for coffee and rolls. While Jack was trying to do the show, Winters would be off in a corner telling jokes to the cab drivers with the resulting roars of laughter. Jack knew the crew on a first name basis- I became a celebrity in my family after Jack talked with me following a monitor glass exploding.
The media coverage of his death, unfortunately, made no mention of his stint on CBS and also no mention of who his vacation relief replacement was--Johnny Carson doing his first appearance on network television. memories-memories... please post, some of the crew might read this, Joe Desmond for one.

Bob Vernum