Monday, January 26, 2004

Al Norwood, and Jim Rose, of the "Letterman Show" called this week to say that Joe Desmond visited the studio and spent some time reminiscing about old times and former technicians that are gone from the scene.
He happened to mention that Arthur J. (Artie) Audette, and Michael (Mike) Dietz both men from the "tape area" had passed on. They were both fine men. Artie, was a formidable looking man, and that charisma along with his good council made him an outstanding union man.
Mike Dietz was a journeyman worker, but an outstanding poker player. The table was set in the technicians lounge when Mike, Chris Borgen, and Jim Wall, and on occasion Artie Audette would shuffle a deck or two?
Nice men, and pleasant memories come welling forth to be enjoyed from those that knew these high quality workers from the plethora of CBS people.
OK, Jimmy stop talking and deal!

Tony Cucurullo