Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Help & Information Needed ASAP!

Hi, my name is Chuck Pharis. I am retired from ABC Network in Hollywood. I was a Senior Video Engineer. I have 38 years in Tv Engineering.
I am now consulting for a HBO Movie that will be shot early next year.
The movie is called "1952". All about historical events that happened that year. One of the story lines is about the CBS News coverage of the 1952 Political Conventions and the Presidential election night coverage.
We are going to re-construct (or at least hope to) an exact duplicate of the CBS Network News Studios in NY and the set up at the conventions and on election night.
I need some help on finding photos of the equipment used by CBS News in 1952. Both in the News Control rooms and Studios, and at the conventions and election central. Also of the Univac computer used.
I need photos of cameras, monitors, switchers, mics, audio boards, remote trucks, etc. We really want this to look as real as possible.
Also crew members and what they wore.
Some scenes take place in the News offices, so I need help there too.

Getting the equipment should be no problem, as I have one of the largest collections of vintage Television equipment in the world, and there is also a Prop House out here in Hollywood that will make up anything we need. This is (suppose to) be working studios and control rooms!

Please check out my web site to see my collection:


I hope there are some "old timers" still left that were on the crew in 1952. Not only do I need photos, I would also like to interview them.
They would be a part of history (again)!

Please let me know if you can help me?

My contact information is:

Chuck Pharis
Hollywood, Calif.
Home 818-834-8999
Cell 818-802-1603