Friday, December 05, 2003

Dear friends:
The message that Fred Lopez had died was passed onto me late Wednesday evening by Jim Rose, Audioman, of the "Letterman Show."
Somehow it wasn't published in time for all those friends of Fred that could attend the wake held in Riverdale.
Andy Gatto followed it up with an additional email message.

Fred, was a good and happy-go-lucky guy to be around. On the many remotes I worked with him, I came to appreciate that his fluency in Spanish was a big help to CBS at the events of the tennis matches held at Forrest Hills.

Fred was as good as an audioman as there is. He could fill in on soaps, news,sports, and all the shows. But, his friendliness, and good humor and his ability to help others was the keystone of this gregarious man.

I think though that his willingness to bet a bob-or-two on a game of chance, was his seeking of the lost treasure that we all seem to pursue in vain.
Fred, may have lost more than a few of those chances, but he never will lose the friendship and respect of his coworkers.

Peace be with you,
Tony Cucurullo