Monday, November 17, 2003

Seventy-Fifth Anniversary ( C.B.S.)
Date: 11/13/2003 2:15:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: EgPascul
To: Tonycucu

HI Tony ( The Strunze )
I've been meaning to respond to your comment on the Retirees Net , but never got around
to it up till now -----That is, regarding their ( C.B.S.'s ) 75 th Anniversary Program .......
In regards to what you wrote about their neglecting to mention ( at all ) any credit to the
the Engineering or Technical end of the Business . I ,(and I'm sure a multitude number of
others ) , certainly share your sentiments regarding how it was handled !!! But I think you'll
agree that in the past , neither the Company nor the Show people per say have ever given
credit on a "large scale " , publicly ------I think we've always had to settle for and be thank-
ful for any recognition we received on a personal level ---from any Talent we may have had
the pleasure of working with or our immediate "bosses " , T.D.s , supervisors etc., etc.....
Correct me if I'm wrong , and I think you should know----
Isn't it a fact that any Movie or Program made for Television "has to " by Union Ruling roll
the entire Credits when shown for Public Consumption ----I guess we more or less missed
the boat here !!!!!
Best regards ;
Gene ( The Provolone )

We not only missed the boat, but the pier sank also.
They cared for techs. But, in the IATSE they have to print the logo on all movies.
I just had to get my point in though.
Tony C.