Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Sadness, is the cloud that looms about us, and pervades in us when a dear one departs in spirit, to what we all hope is the better place for a soul to be. Earthly pain is gone, and rest from the toil of a life time is in place.
Dave Minott, who has carried with great dignity and aplomb the heavy burden this year of two elderly parents and a dear wife that required hope and prayers too.
This week his beloved mother, Ruth, 87, passed away.
Dave had to attend to this in Florida, and to comfort his father, Lou, who is 91.
We wish that his consummate universal knowledge will afford him the salve of peace that will soften this loss of his beloved Mother.
She was named for one of the books that is written in the bible.
To Dave and his wife Holly and their entire family, we wish them peace.

Tony C.