Monday, November 10, 2003

On a past occasion I listed the names of as many of those CBS men and women that I could recall that had served in the Armed Forces of the United States. I was remiss in the fact that I couldn't and didn't know all of those that had served.
CBS has had many that served on the different battlefields, in the wars and conflicts over time. And there were cameramen that covered stories and were not recognized for there efforts. So this year I would like to salute all the veterans that went to places that only they would recall.
And too, the sailors that can only say they stood watch on a gun position in the terrible roiling waters of the North Sea, or in the boiling hot sun of the South Pacific, or off the coast of Okinawa during the Tsunami that crushed cruisers and tankers alike.
Serving, or having served, during any of the periods in the lifetime of the CBS people is what I am attempting to conjure for you to reminisce about.
I remember some the stories from Dwight Temple and Bob Abernathy about being Radio Telegraph operators during their trips about the world. Some of their reflections were chilling, and some were poetic as seen from within in their mind's eye.
But one only has to name some of the more prominent areas and battlefields to know that the people of CBS rendered their lives in defense of this country's ideals and values.
I shall start with my Father and Uncle in the fields of France in WW I and list the others as best as I can.
and all the lonely posts that our service men now walk diligently.

On November 11th, 2003, there will be a bronze plaque installed on the Walk of Honor, in Norfolk Virginia, honoring all the Seals, and the other units that make up "Silent Warriors" of the past and present.
My service during WW 11 was in a unit of Scouts and Raiders. We were euphemistically called "Frogmen" and that plaque will include a reference to them.
To all those CBS people that served this country whether in uniform, or in the true patriotic spirit that drives this nation on to greatness, take a moment to say a silent, "Thank you," to those that served at your pleasure.

Tony Cucurullo