Monday, November 17, 2003

Larry Tisch is dead! The one that killed the giant, CBS. He brought CBS to its industry's knees. He along with another pipsqueak, Ed Grebow. They contrived to siphon off the assets of the dynasty that Mr. William Paley and Mr. Frank Stanton assiduously put together.
On the CBS news, Dan Rather assigned his only attributes that he was a WW2 veteran.
I wrote in our 1212 News that he was "The Barracuda of Wall Street," that appellation became his, and the Wall Street Journal, and others used it quite often.
It isn't Christian of me to speak ill of the dead, but I list some of his of his acquisitions:
He owned CNA Insurance, Lorillard Cigarettes and University Cancer Hospital. The man knew how to make money. Now I leave it to you to draw your own picture.
I wished him well when he bought CBS, for I thought with his business acumen he would increase the net worth of our company. What he did was skillfully fillet the different companies to fill his own pockets. I have no truck with that, for it was good business...for him.
He beat us, I am not sure if it was fair and square, but as a gambler I wish I was on the same side of the ledger with him.
May he rest in peace, as he awaits his judgment...

Tony Cucurullo