Thursday, November 20, 2003

Herbert "Chico" Claudio

Schwalbe, Desmond, Sullivan, Slattery, Murphy, names of giants in their field as "Boom men," at CBS.
They captured the sounds, of the myriad live shows that CBS put on the air.
But, the "Little man" stood on their shoulders as a nonpareil.
His name, "Chico," transcends for anyone to know who he was as a technician at CBS. In his post CBS days he won two Emmys working on the "Seasame Street Show."
Chico, along with Herb Schwartz, participated in WW II as combat cameramen in the Pacific theater. He Was a First Class Petty officer.

Chico had a large family, having been married before, but he had two people in his life that go beyond family. His wife Betty and his friend Ted Perzeszty, "My brother", as he always called him. In his life there couldn't be a closer relationship than between him, Betty and Ted.
Betty always said, when buying gifts or presents, "I must buy two.", and the big joke when Chico got sick was that she would purchase a wheel chair for Chico and Ted so that she could push the two of them on the Long Beach boardwalk.
I was happy to see Chico at the last CBS Retirees Luncheon this past October. He came in his wheel chair and was greeted by all.

I am trying not to be maudlin about this, but Chico, Betty and Ted are great friends to anyone that knows them. I know Ted and his wife, Patricia, will keep the spirit of Chico alive as will all of us that loved him as well.
To Betty and Chico's children, I wish them to always remember Chico as the "fun person" that was in their lives.

Chico, rest in peace, my dear friend.

Tony Cucurullo

Chico Claudio