Wednesday, November 05, 2003

75 years

CBS celebrated the glory years associated with all of the stars that are gathered in the heavens, or was that MGM's famous sobriquet.
CBS deserves to be proud of the shows that they put on the airwaves for America to enjoy. For William Paley surrounded himself with the biggest and the best stars. But, he also acquired the very best in technical help, from the slide rules of the engineers, to the skilled audio and television technicians. The artisans of the theater, the directors, script writers, the stage managers, the stagehands, the electricians, makeup personnel, and property people.
We know the value and the contributions of all these people, but the viewing audience has only a cursory knowledge that there are ancillary people that perform all sorts of functions.
So why then could there be such a grand scale pat on the back for the "Talent," only, and but, one comment for a below the line employee.
Of course this sounds like sour grapes on my part, but I feel that a Cronkite, or any of the luminaries could have squeezed in, or made a gracious comment about all of the engineering and technical advances that came from within the rank and file of this great company.
We may have been paid for our efforts, but what the upper echelon has never fully understood that most employees work for the greater good of the company.
I can tell you that many people that I worked with were very happy to be employed in the industry, and to make as big a contribution that they could offer.
Well, I guess I will take another pill and call it a day, having vented my spleen. I wish there was a wailing wall for disgruntled technicians.
Tony C.