Monday, October 13, 2003

Just watched the today show which did a feature on the concorde, it will sadly be making it's last flight this month.My ex-wife and i had the privelege to fly the concorde back from london in oct 1983,she was a UAL employee with connections with british and air france airlines.
While on our vacation in nice she was notified that british was offering airline employees and spouses concorde travel on a specific date at the unheard of fare of $400.00 each!!We naturall jumped at the opportunity since we reasoned that as private pilots we would more than likely never have the chance to fly supersonic at 59,000 feet at mach 2.2.
The entire experience was something that i would like to wish on anyone interested in aviation.The follow up to this story is:the flight took 3 hours 15 minutes the drive home to rockland took 3 hours!
Sorry to see the concorde go.

Bob Vernum



Brings back memories of my Field Engineering days for Visual Electronics, when I did some work at KIRO in Seattle, WA. (late '60's.)
I used to drive past the Boeing SST hangar almost every day, daydreaming of supersonic flight! The full-sized painting of the SST on the side of the building was awe-inspiring!