Sunday, October 05, 2003

Here's an e-mail I received from a CBS old timer. I thought all of you would appreciate its sentiment.

Hi Ted,
Received the announcement of the next get together. I am Joe Carr*, part of the old group of CBS/ABC attendees. We were in the layoff of 1961, & didn't return when called back. Most of us ended up in ABC management, & retired from there.

The reason for this "note",is that with all the recent losses of old friends,death & moving away., I wonder about attending anymore ,as who would know me.? I mentioned this to George Klimscak recently. I know Bob Wilson is doing well thank god, but the loss of DiGiovanna, Muio, Tonn, Scanna, Maier, McGraw, Schutz, has left me feeling empty.
I cannot attend the New Jersey affair, & in the past have attended the Swan Club the past 13 years. For the first time, I feel that attending the spring one would leave me feeling "out-of-place". I would hate trying to make conversation with men who I am no longer compatible with.
I wish as always, the best to everyone, CBS was to me & still is ,...the place where my heart lies, & I know I am speaking for Joe Dg also.

A big Hello to Tony Cucurullo ......

Thanks for the time for reading this, but time marches on & has past me also.
Joe Carr

*Joe's phone number is 516-935-7309