Thursday, September 25, 2003

A report from Virginia

Well, I'm back! Hurricane Isabel is finally over with. It takes a storm of that force to clean this Italian. We escaped with just debris, and the loss of all that food in the freezers.
We are putting in a claim for all the sauce that Paula stored in those jars, that she keeps for later meals. I don't give a damn about the steaks and such, but my spaghetti sauce, I will kill for.
My neighbors didn't fare as well, several had trees that split their homes down the middle. Yet, others had trees that fell within inches of their homes and didn't leave a leaf on the building. Several cars got completely totaled.
Except for the inconvenience of "No lights" for seven days, we didn't do too badly. Having a candle light dinner gave a romantic atmosphere to the setting. Not to worry though, for it was only a setting, we had my mother-in-law with us all the time. And though Paula occasionally made my favorite dish, Pasta primaviagra, nothing worked besides the candles.

This morning when I went back on line, (and too, the WEB Page) I noticed some more of our people have passed on, how sad it is to read about people that we integrated with.
While reminiscing about them I scrolled down to the bottom of the "Dates" and clicked onto the first ramblings I posted, I was happy, once again, to see the names of some of the old timers I wrote about. Try it, you will be refreshed again to see these vignettes of those bygone days.
Try to make the luncheon, and enjoy each minute, for those in attendance are the treasures of your past.
And finally, someone bring a lawn mower and trim D'Onofrio's eyebrows.

Tony Cucurullo