Sunday, September 21, 2003

Hi guys,

yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry Stahler at the Ladies Luncheon event (husbands were allowed this one time). Jerry replaced Bob Hammer as head of Operations at BC. I worked for him, but I couldn't recognize him. Finally I realized why. When he took over I was at the Outside Studios and rarely went to the BC, so I never had the opportunity to meet him personally. Before that he was in the Stations Division.
Jerry says Ralph Greene from CBS Radio lives in the Moss Creek area and will try to get me information on him. A friend of mine says that he knows a former producer at CBS and will also get me the information. Our group is getting larger.

Attached is a picture of the August 2003 Mini Luncheon when I visited Long Island. You may recognize a few faces.
Keep in touch.

Jorge Moran

08-10-2003 Mini Lunch
(From left to right: Everett Schuval, Robert Barratta, Pete Deller, Ted Perzeszty, Tom Maloney, Tony Casola, Jorge Moran, Lou Wiggan)