Tuesday, August 26, 2003

One day out of every year LABOR DAY reminds us of the sacrifices that the men and women of this world made so that others could also benefit from their travails.
Our Retirees Association is made up of people from many unions, and also nonunion shops. And that is fair as it was necessary for all of these groups to combine for the great success of our beloved CBS.
But, Local 1212, is unique in the sense that the officers of the union were mainly from the rank and file of CBS, ( also the other great shops) too?
But, my reference here is about the characters that toiled on behalf of the technicians. The others in CBS, managers included had a secret wish that we would succeed because they too benefited by our efforts.
While politics played a big part in who would lead the fight for the spoils of the contract, it almost always lured men of resolve and character.
I have written about Pat Finn often for he truly was the moral conscience of the union. He set high standards to emulate.
But, we had those fromidable men that did the actual negotiations; To name some of them:
Charlie Calame
Lenny Bader
Art Korff
Vince Bartiluucci
and of course the ever repressible Mike DeIeso. Mike was born to lead. He could take a stance that bordered on a fist fight if needed, or he could dazzle you with logic.
But, Mike on occasion could be very warm hearted and understanding of the human psyche.
He inspired people such as Ben Taussig to take on assignments when others thought Ben, might be a little brusque in his technique of management practices. Ben, as we know, made a success of the Credit Union.

While Mike could scream, and cajole the Executive Board into dangerous waters, he would be proven correct later on.
One could love, and hate him at the same meeting, but you always knew the union and its welfare, was first in his heart and mind.

Mike will never be proposed for sainthood, but he should be remembered as one of the best negotiators that Local 1212 had.
Here's to you Mike........!

Tony Cucurullo