Sunday, August 03, 2003

I receive the following from Al Cafiero. (He left CBS about 30 years ago)

We took a train ride to Boston last week and went to the Kennedy
Unexpectedly saw some old friends of ours.
The museum has depictions of the oval office and other political scenes.
The friends I am referring to were several TK41 cameras, or were they TK42
(the ones with the grab bars on the sides). The had CBS logos.
But what caught me most was a 3C audio console. It was a bit low, looked
like they had cut off some of the bottom.
Looking at it reminded me of a trick I played on Larry Schneider almost
50 years ago. When I pressed in the echo chamber buttons for both boom
mikes on "Valiant Lady" in studio 57 on 109 Street before the rehearsal
started . Having two buttons pushed in connected the mikes in parallel
before the pots. He couldn't turn off either mike
Getting back to Boston they also had a TK63 camera with CBS markings, a
model I never saw. Was it from the Washington studio?
We went there to donate some JFK's Medical Charts. My wife's father, Dr. Paul De Gara was the presidents allergist.

P.S. Thinking back about the RCA Imo cameras I think it went like this:

TK 40 were the original field models
TK 41 were the original studio models, the cameras were the same, the video controls were built into a console rack..
TK 42 were the second field models
The TK 41s were in studio 58. I believe they were exchanged with an O&O station that needed portable ones.
Let me know if I'm wrong

Al & Renata Cafiero