Wednesday, August 20, 2003


This will appear in the next newsletter, but we thought it should be posted here as well:

October 15th, of the year 2003, will be crossing over into the memory banks of our diminishing brain, along with our receding hairline, that which seems to be winning this inexorable race to the big adventure in the sky.

Yet, there still is another chance to redeem ourselves for any of life's miscarriages, by attending the gala luncheons that the hard-working Directors of the CBS Retirees Association have put together.
And at this time you can resort to hugs and kisses, and kind words too, and perhaps, you might even care to share some of these social graces with a fellow Technician, or two?

The ranks are diminishing, and those that are still employed at CBS, may not have the same filial relationship that we have for each other. It is therefore incumbent upon each of us to nurture and foster with care, all the cherished memories of our past and present.

I have witnessed other organizations in my lifetime, fraternal and military. They hold onto the past with religious fervor because they are bonded by close affiliation by other than work related experiences.
We are not unique in this or any other sense, but we are pioneers with some historical foundation, for we are the cornerstones of a miracle of nature.
From the mythical experiment by Ben Franklin and his kite, to the advancements by the different scientists over the varied physical natures, we contributed by the sheer dint of our cornucopia of talents, the plasma of success of the Radio and Television worlds of broadcasting.

Each person, therefore, becomes a jewel to be cherished and enjoyed, and that is what our luncheons are about, the physical attendance of the future inductees into the pantheon of the broadcast pioneers.

At this next affair try inviting a different set of friends to sit with you, for I feel the intermixing will generate new interests for you, and you may learn some of the delicious tête-à-têtes, which you have always wondered about from some of your compatriots.

Come, share, laugh, and cry in your hearts over the losses this past year, and the years that have gone by for the great friendships that were developed by you, and are now the epitaphs that you are required to repeat in order to keep their memories alive.
Bring a friend, even your wife, but come and enjoy, and peace to all of you, my dear friends, and treasured memories.

Tony Cucurullo