Sunday, July 27, 2003

When the winter winds blows cold breathes across the tree of life
Then your sepulcher awaits the conclusion of your journey.
This age we are passing through has been so sad as to sap the joy from my heart.

I am still in the depths of sadness, when I read that another fine gentleman died.
Bill Casper:
Bill had finesse about his demeanor that spoke of a more genteel time. I am sorry to hear of his passing.

Then this morning I read of the death of a giant of industry:
The passing of Joseph DiGiovanna.
It is now crying time again. For Joe was a very personal friend of mine going back to the end of the Korean War.
We both started out as Field-Engineers, ( Studio Techs.) at NBC. We were assigned to the studio's on 76th Street that are now part of the ABC net; particularly The Arlene Francis Show.
The maintenance man there was our own Bob Zagoren the best there was at his trade.
When Joe and I were laid-off on Christmas week in 1954, NBC, had us go to the Western Electric Company, as TD-2 Staff Engineers.
We engineered relay stations for television companies across the land. We stayed there until an interview came along for CBS. Joe and I were hired immediately, as Asst. Techs. Bob came in as a full technician.
The three of us took our CBS ID picture shoulder-to-shoulder.
That lasted a year then we were elevated to technicians. Joe went into maintenance.

When we were young, and the children were on the way, Dolores and my wife Pauline, and Joe and I would share a dinner or two.

Joe was the youngest man to achieve the rating of Chief Electronics Mate in the Navy. He had a very keen mind.
In 1962 when we were laid-off from CBS, Joe made me promise him that we would get jobs in different companies. He said he got tired of being laid off from jobs with me.
Well, he went to work for ABC and the rest was history he made it to the top.
I didn't know that Joe had any ailments. I am so very sorry to read this sad news as another tug on my heart.

Joe is a giant of our industry, and he belongs in heart to CBS.

Joe, rest in peace...... Good by my dear friend.
We will see each other in heaven.

Joe, reposa in pace,.......addio mio carrisimo amico
Ci vediamo in paradiso.

Tony Cucurullo